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Hellboy (an old Spring Clean Challenge)

Hellboy (an old Spring Clean Challenge)

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Final piece..a generator

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 9
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So I found the generator token kind of anoying in that it it looked like a bit of random oblong with glowing bits, could have been nothing. I could have taken the idea of a generator quite literaly and looked for a typical diesel engine shape and stuck a cylinder on the end , and this would be fine for a typical german generator from WW2 but I I felt that a generator thats probably firing up cyber apes and zombies should be something a bit more.

I did look to cheat and see what I could down load and print off but I wasnt satisfied with anything. Honestly as an Architectural Tech I actually spend a lot of time 3D modeling but spending all day at work on CAAD doesnt inspire me to pick up more software for hobby fun, and its been some years since I’ve fired up Blender and dived in for hobby purposes. But I wanted to have a crack.

So I put together a mood board for inspirationSo I put together a mood board for inspiration
And This is where I'm at.And This is where I'm at.

So basicaly I took lots of inspiration from very early generators and dynamos chose a radial engine to power it and gave a diesel conversion.

With a bit of luck I’ll have the modeling finished by the end of week and printing next wekend.

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