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Project Blog by gmandingle

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About the Project

This is going to be my ongoing project of acquiring,making,painting, and if the stars align playing the old world. I plan on doing monthly to bi-monthly updates on my set-up,what i'm working on and have in store as well as working with the community to learn and become a better hobbyist.

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In the beginning there was un-thinned paints...

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Hello and welcome all to the start of something i’ve been wanting to do for years now, but haven’t had the time or space to do it. A quick introduction should be in order, my name is Gunnar and ive been in and out of the hobby since 2012. It all started with the first edition warhammer fantasy rolplaying game my dad pulled out of the basement and let me flip through and keep. I was enamored by brutal and heavy metal art work all through out the book and that set me on my path to learning all about warhammer and eventually roleplaying and table-top games in general. For the better part of my hobbying time I bounced from faction to faction, system to system, never sticking to a single one long enough to get more than a box or two of orks or bolt action Finnish.

What 13 year old kid woulden't see that and be interested?What 13 year old kid woulden't see that and be interested?

So, after many years of buying and painting and getting bored and seeing a new shiny thing I decided that it was time to do something with my life and decided to enlist ( the veterans and active reading this shaking there heads in disappointment). Between basic, moving around, small barracks rooms and all the fun that comes with being in the armed service I had to put my hobbying to the side…

I ended up meeting a girl who was crazy enough to put up with me for longer than a week and we got married. After a LONG and PAINFUL process we finally got a house, and not just any old house but one with spare rooms. My mind went straight to “how do I convince my wife to let me make one of them my gaming room?”. Thankfully I married the greatest person ever and it took no convincing at all.

I set out on getting all my old hobby tools sent to me from home and now that almost all the moving is done I can finally begin working on some projects again.

Now, it was just picking what to do, with the old world right around the corner and a unknown amount of hours playing the Empire in total war warhammer, my decision was pretty easy to make.

OK, now that i’m done spilling my guts about my life lets get on to the hobbying,shall we? I purchased some middlehammer models as the price gouging for the “newer” stuff is insane and I wanted alot of variety in my army.

Not to bad for being out of it for 4 yearsNot to bad for being out of it for 4 years

I plan on doing a Stirland/Ostermark army using alot of alternative mini’s and themes and having story and lore for each regiment I make. I also am working on a pet project for a old-school roleplaying game that’s very near and dear to me along with a plethora of other things.

Thanks for taking a gander over this, I would love all the feedback and recommendations this community can offer, I would especially appreciate any critiques on my hobby desk as it needs some serious work.Hopfully I will see you all at the end of this month with another update with more pictures and less rambling.

Needs some work thats for sureNeeds some work thats for sure

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