Drowned Earth Winter Campaign Begins & New Scenario Packs Available

December 6, 2018 by brennon

Olmec Games has their sights set on some interesting narrative developments in The Drowned Earth with the Winter Campaign up and running which will help to decide the future of their interesting and unique world.

Winter Campaign - The Drowned Earth

As well as building on the developing narrative of The Drowned Earth the campaign is going to be a good excuse for you to start off small and slow grow your warband in the game to a full on tournament list by the end of it.

You will start off with three miniatures and as things progress and you play through games with your friends you'll start to add more characters into the mix. Not only is this a great format for those getting into the game but also provides you with some really quality moments with the characters you've chosen, getting to know their rules and more for future games.

"This campaign is literally chock full of easter eggs, and player choices. As well as the over-arching plot of the campaign itself, each faction has a sub-plot and secondary objective they are trying to complete. After each game you’ll record your results, acquire points for personal and faction achievements, and submit them to us at TDE-HQ. Each round we’ll graph the results, and decide where the story will take us next!"

This particularly stood out to me from the announcement of the campaign. I love the fact that we're getting little snippets of story woven into everything and it's not just about winning!

"Winning, losing, achieving Faction goals or even specific in-scenario achievements will give you rewards such as effect cards, keyword triggering achievements, deployment advantages in future games: perhaps even the odd stat or weapon boost for your Characters! In other words, your Crew will progress through the story, racking up advantages and characterful assets, going on a unique journey for ultimate glory!"

The campaign hub is now online HERE where you can find out more information on getting involved and having your characters make a mark on the world of The Drowned Earth.

Scenario Packs & More

To help people getting into the game, the folks at Olmec have collected together their latest wave of releases into a scenario pack. Whilst they know that most people will either go for one faction in its entirety or all of them if they're die-hard, others just want a taste to get them into the world. That is where King of Tartouf comes in!

King Of Tartouf Scenario Pack - The Drowned Earth

This is a specific scenario which has been developed for two-to-four players allowing you to take on the role of one of these characters fighting in a King Of The Hill style adventure on the tabletop. They even threw those Troodon's into the mix too as a balancing mechanic (and who doesn't love Dinosaurs right?).

Individual releases are also available for those that would prefer to stick with their faction so you have Forek: Militia Leader...

Forek Mounted Militia Leader - The Drowned Earth

....and Ando & Ravanna waiting in the wings for their particular factions too.

Ando Artefacter Scout - The Drowned Earth

Who wouldn't want to hang out with this awesome looking bearded fellow and a wild looking woman with a mechanical arm?!

Ravanna Bondsman Medic - The Drowned Earth

Going all lizardy there's also Lakassk for you to pick up as well and the Troodons give you that prehistoric edge as well.

Lassk Firm Mech - The Drowned Earth

Lakassk looks like a character from the FAITH RPG which I think is kind of cool but away from that it's also nice to see the addition of more non-humans in the mix.

Are you going to be getting involved in the Winter Campaign or giving that King Of The Hill scenario a go? I think the scenario pack would be a good way to test the waters!

What do you think of The Drowned Earth?

"I think the scenario pack would be a good way to test the waters!"

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