Studio Tomahawk Lay Down Battlefield Objectives For SAGA

December 13, 2018 by brennon

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Studio Tomahawk has shown off the new Battlefield Objectives that they've been working on with Ainsty Casting for use with SAGA and the Book Of Battles.

Battlefield Objectives #1 - Studio Tomahawk

The sets have been themed to work with both their Dark Age rules and, of course, their battles that take place during the Crusades as well. They show lost tombs full of treasure, sacks of grain and supplies that armies need on the march and more.

Battlefield Objectives #2 - Studio Tomahawk

I really like the one with all the shields, possibly showing a haul after a battle and the little crate in the top right of the second set which features a sneaky pair of hands. They've painted it as a little goblin for Fantasy games but I think it would be fascinating to see if used in a Historical game as some mystical creature that your warband has said he found in the swamps.

These kinds of objective markers make for a much more fun game than simply seeing tokens on the tabletop. They keep you in the moment and help tell the story of your games that little more effectively.

You'll be able to snag these next year with the release of the Book Of Battles.

What objective markers would you make?

"You'll be able to snag these next year with the release of the Book Of Battles..."

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