Grimlord Games Show Off Heroes & Monsters For Village Attacks

January 19, 2017 by brennon

Grimlord Games, the minds behind Endure The Stars, are planning out their next Kickstarter campaign called Village Attacks which will see you switch the roles and play as the monsters defending your castle from angry villagers!

Skald (Painted)

Miniature previews and more have been popping up over on their Facebook Page including this painted Skald model, one of the foes you will be dealing with in the game.

Mechanically the game is a cooperative castle defence affair where you will be looking to lay traps, cut of corridors and battle against swarms and villagers and their heroes in an effort to stop them spoiling your wonderful abode.


It looks like we're getting some amazing miniatures as part of this campaign including the likes of the Hunter above who will be a more agile foe to deal with. However, all is not lost as you are also powerful monsters in your own right like the Dullahan here...


...or the death-shrouded Lich who summons forth dark magic to do his bidding.


We even spied this rather awesome looking Banshee/Witch lady who looks utterly fantastic.


The Kickstarter for this is just around the corner and the company behind the models for the game, Zealot Miniatures, has been doing some fantastic work on the resin and using the sculpts from Greebo. This one looks like it could be another one of those Kickstarter projects where you drop a fair bit of cash on it!

What do you think of the design and the project?

" are also powerful monsters in your own right like the Dullahan here"

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