Black Library Tell New Tales Of Witch Hunters And Mephiston

July 9, 2018 by dracs

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Black Library has released two new novels, one set in the Mortal Realms and one in the Grim, Dark, Far Future.

Callis & Toll: The Silver Shard

The Silver Shard ventures into the jungles of the Realm of Beasts as a witch hunter chases his nemesis.

"A malevolent threat looms over the once great city of Excelsis. For as long as the treacherous Ortam Vermyre lives, civilisation is no longer safe within the Realm of Beasts. Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll must brave the deadly seas and jungles of the Taloncoast to stop Vermyre before he can reach the legendary lost city of Xoantica." 

I'm excited to see this focus on Witch hunters. I loved them in the Old World and, with the move to Age of Sigmar, I wondered how they fitted into the lore now.

This story, in particular, seems to draw heavily from their Solomon Kane-inspired roots, with the two adventurers heading off to a dark and dangerous land to hunt down an evildoer.

Mephiston: Revenant Crusade

This latest jaunt to the 41st Millennium sees the return of Mephiston, Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels.

"As the Great Rift tears the galaxy apart, portents and darkness beset Mephiston. At the time when he needs his psychic sight the most, the Chief Librarian's powers are rendered blind by some inexplicable force. Haunted by the ghosts of the damned, their purpose unclear, Mephiston takes his ship the Blood Oath and the Blood Angels in his charge to the world of Morsus."

Mephiston is a popular character within 40k, and it is interesting to see him stripped of his defining psychic powers.

Which Black Library book appeals to you more?

"As the Great Rift tears the galaxy apart, portents and darkness beset Mephiston..."

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