Forge World Show Off The New Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank

October 13, 2017 by brennon

The Space Marines have always had some rather large tanks in Warhammer 40,000. Seems they couldn't just stop at the Land Raider though with the first Super-Heavy Tank for the Primaris, the Astraeus.

Astraeus Super-heavy Tank #1

That is certainly one large looking tank. Once again it seems we're turning our attention to the gravity stomping power of this thing as it doesn't have traditional tracks. It's a shame really as it would have looked great with them I think, much like a Mammoth Tank from Command & Conquer.

Astraeus Super-heavy tank #2

You can check out the teaser video above for more about this, but the tank will be coming out of Forge World in the near future. The enormous hull of this thing is bristling with weapons and we should draw special attention to the larger cannon on the top, the macro-accelerator cannons.

They fire twelve shots with -2 AP and 3 Damage apiece which sounds nasty as hell. Could you find this becoming part of your armoury for a growing Primaris Space Marine force?

Let us know below...

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