Weekender: 40k Inquisitor Movie & Boot Camps Announced

September 3, 2016 by lancorz

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Welcome to the Weekender, a weekly show where the guys sit down and review what's been happening in the past week in miniature gaming. This week has been packed with content including Re-Roll a Digital Digest for Backstagers, Bootcamp announcements and an in depth view on fan made films and the success of The Lord Inquisitor.

Weekender: 40k Inquisitor Movie & Boot Camps Announced


Backstagers this week have been in for a treat with the announcement of dipping our toes with Re-Roll, a Digital Digest of the preceeding month, get your copy now and let us know in the comments what your thoughts for future development.

A Walking Dead and Dropzone Commander Bootcamps have been confirmed and tickets are now on sale. Our Painting and Hobby forum has been a hive of activitiy with Hobby Lab Open Challenge, we're astounded with the projects we've seen but now it's time to collect every topic and begin judging for the overall winners.

Bolt Action Competition Prize Winner & Rubicon Models Unboxed

Justin & John are in the studio to talk with Lloyd about their past Let's Plays with Terminator Genisys, featuring the giant of gaming himself, Alessio Cavatore. Congratulations to Jaze for winning the Bolt Action 2.0 Band of Brothers Starter Set for their comment about a favourite Bolt Action Moment.

"My favourite moments in bolt action were from my first game that I played. At 500pts I was running a veteran British force against my opponents horde of Russians.
The first dice of the first turn went to my opponent who swiftly obliterated my one tank, that pretty much defined turn 1 and all my future deployments “don’t deploy tank in the open”. Turn 2 we encountered flamers in heavy armour, this was where my veterans seemed to fall down as there were to many units to deal with and I didn’t have enough fire power to reliable beat through the heavy armour. By turn 3 we had learned that the flamers were slow and pinning markers kept them out the way. Turn 4 we met the wrath of artillery and not to stand still to long.

Believe it or not I didn’t win that game, but every part of it was great fun trying to get off the back foot after a catastrophic loss at the start. Every mistake I made was a lesson in strategy that I carry with me still. I think the best part of losing is knowing that you tried, I was very happy my opponent didn’t let me win just because I was new."

Community Spotlight this Week

It's been a tough week for choosing who deserves a Golden Button Award in the Community Spotlight this week, the guys run through some amazing work including Infinity terrain pieces and a cherry blossom forest that would look amazing on a Gates of Antares scenario.

An indepth look at The Lord Inquisitor: Prologue

Additionally, the release of the Fan made Warhammer 40k movie, The Lord Inquisitor had us pumped six years ago, now that the prologue has been released, we're exstactic to see where this goes in it's final form. We discuss issues that can involve real time rendering and just how detailed the environments are too. If you haven't seen the prologue, go check it out!

A Terrain Update Round Up

We have some news that 4Ground are releasing new 15mm Cold War Gone Hot range, which we think would look particularly well for our upcoming Walking Dead Boot Camp.

Build your Dream Cityscapes with Neo Tyranni' The Phalanx Consortium, five 6-10mm scale city boards which would look great in any sci-fi space mission, perhaps perfect for our Dropfleet Boot Camp coming up also!

Plus, an amazing spotlight we've been sent from Tagewerk-Fabrikateure GmbH the Tabletop Gaming Accessories, featuring tokens for X-Wing, Infinity and Guild Ball.

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What are you up to this Weekend?

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