Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Rumour Mill Goes Into Overdrive

June 17, 2015 by brennon

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As we know Games Workshop are going to be revamping the Old World over the Summer of 2015 with the Age of Sigmar. Until a day or so ago all we had was the flyer to go on but now a post over on Dakka Dakka has had people wondering. You can read the post in full on the link but I'll break it down for you below...


Age Of Sigmar Overview

The first thing that is looked at in detail is the make up of the rulebooks themselves and some of the background...


  • Rulebook comes as three books (probably a Limited Edition version) - Rules, Fluff/Background, Novel
  • Game plays at around the 50 model mark or lower - Emphasis on single heroes rather than large units
  • Round Bases for ALL models although they allow 'Legacy' (square) and dioramas from the previous edition
  • Compendium Book in set comes with Character Stat Cards for all units rather than traditional rulebook flipping
  • Complete revamp of the rules - focus on it being fast paced and compact action
  • No new photos in the book in favour of artwork
  • All armies are accounted for but some more than others. Beastmen, Ogres and Lizardman all taking a back seat
  • High Fantasy style armour with an emphasis on the more 'Ancient' look instead of the Germanic Medieval style we've seen from the Empire

Now, here is where I take a few issues with how this is coming across. There might well be some truth to all of this but some things do sound a little implausible. The first of these is character cards for everything including Warhammer Forge models (check out the link for more on that).

Empire Vs Orcs

I can't see this being a possibility although if they have done it then that's a rather big thing from Games Workshop and Forge World going forward.

Another of the points to pick up on would be the number of models needed to play. Interestingly it seems like it's keeping to a grander scale than we had first anticipated but still retains the singular nature of skirmish based gameplay where the models act as individuals rather than as a larger unit.

Army Building & New Rules

The next area that the post looked at was how Armies are built and work in the new edition...

  • ONE ruleset so not one for large scale battles and one for Skirmish. Age of Sigmar IS the new rules
  • The profile breaks down as Melee, Range, Might, Armour, Initiative, Resolve and Wounds. Values range from 1 to 6 with lower being better
  • Still retains the turn structure of past Games Workshop games with one player doing all of their actions followed by the opponent
  • Players roll against one another (I assume at the same time?) with Melee Vs Initiative and Might Vs Armour given as examples
  • Melee fought together with the opponent. Winner can choose to fight another round of combat until one side is wiped out or disengage
  • No morale or combat resolution mechanic (ditched for being too clunky?)
  • Models regain all lost wounds at the end of the phase. Pushing your luck mechanics added into the game in effect?
  • Magic Spells are one use affairs. Once you have used them they are discarded from the game
  • Magic is based on different pantheons that can be mixed together (Morr and Nagash for example)
  • Blessings can be bestowed on particular units
  • Units have single costs as before but you cannot build a new unit of the same type until the other has been completely put to strength.
  • Unit sizes ranged from 1 - 3 to 3- 15 (largest the poster had seen)
  • No 'Champions' to buy but instead a number of models are automatically upgraded to that status
  • Rules for all kinds of magical weapons, monsters, siege weapons and such plus a large section on terrain and scenarios

It really does sound like Warhammer would have been turned complete on it's head with these rules. The old stat line is abolished completely and instead replaced with something new entirely which seems to have a bit more flow to it (from what we know anyway).

Chaos Warriors

I'm not sure whether or not I believe that they'd scrap that stat line that has become a staple of their brand across their games but if they are really going to try and reinvent the game then it makes sense.

Morale and Combat Resolution being dropped is another big swing in favour of the quick and easy play instead of the old way which could be very stilted. I like the push your luck aspect of the combat where you have to trust to your heroes to beat their foes or they will just bounce back and refresh for the next charge.

Empire Vs Orcs (Alt)

This also puts an additional focus on there being less clutter on the battlefield. No having to mark wounds and the like. This works in tandem with the way the armies are made up consisting of smaller units with more Champions meaning this isn't too much of a problem.

The Background

Of course with this comes a change to the world itself too...

  • Set on the world of Regalia which mimics the look and feel of the old Old World
  • Hundreds of Human Kingdoms in clans/tribes worshiping the Exoatl (Old Ones)
  • Sigmar arrives and many turn to worshiping him alongside the worship of Chaos Gods and more
  • Most tribes made up of many different factions and races including what we'd know as Cathay and Araby
  • Sigmar's new 'Empire' retains the Witch Hunters, Zealots, an 'Emperor' but the look of their army is more 'Ancient' than before
  • No black powder weapons apart from what the Dwarfs give them
  • Dawikorr (Dwarfs) still exist but stay within Karak Korr guarding the Soul Mill
  • Inneadim (Elves) live apart from the Humans across the sea
  • The Dawikorr allied themselves with Sigmar
  • The Inneadim under Araloth have enclaves in Regalia looking for the ancient Archelves
  • More on them being a darker force than before with a focus towards their Death God Ynnead
  • Skaven & Dawikorr use black powder but Skaven technology powered by ancient magic
  • Chaos has no Northern presence but instead exists throughout society in pockets of resistance and cults
  • Daemons/Undead can be summoned by everyone, not just Chaos/Undead
  • Waaghkin replace the Orcs. They serve the Exoatl and have changed in appearance with looks that have them appearing 'Turtle' like, thin, plus female versions too.
  • Subfaction of Orcs worship Grimgor and are more like their previous incarnation
  • Vampires are now Necrarchs and Nehekhara has a more Babylonian and vibrant feel to it compared to the wasteland it previously was
  • Lizardmen still exist but are relegated to the guardians of the North and South Pole
  • Beastmen still exist but in the same fractured sense as the rest of Chaos
  • Mages can open magical portals to other realms

Yep, it all sounds very crazy. There is enough of the old Warhammer there it seems to keep people happy but then a heavy dollop of the new 'look'. What I'm really interested in seeing is how the new look Orcs turn out as they sound like one of the most interesting changes.

Empire Knights

Of course it's also good to see that my own Dwarfs are going to be catered too and kept alive in some form!

The Age Of Sigmar Boxed Set

This brings me onto the next big part of the 'reveal' which is that this person has had a look at what they think is going to be in the main boxed set for the game. The contents are below...

Missionary Force

  • 3x Knights Of The Order Of Sigmar's Blood (Roman looking, Leather/Chainmail Armour, Kite Shields, Female Champion)
  • 2x Vigilant (Male & Female - leather cloaks with Tricorn Hats and double Hand Crossbows)
  • A Handful of Foot Knights in Heavy Armour with different Weapons and Cloaks - Wearing Eagle Shaped Helmets
  • Hooded Chainmail Wearing Woman with Hammer
  • A Bulldog (???)
  • Standard Bearer (Stripped down with chains hooked into his flesh)
  • Arabic looking Soldier with Twin Scimitars and Heavy Armour
  • Man In Rags with Flaming Chain

Chaos Cult

  • 2x Outriders (Female Chaos Barbarians)
  • 5x Berserkers (African looking, both Male and Female, with an assortment of weapons)
  • 3x Priestesses (Flowing Robes with Sacrificial Daggers)
  • 2x Armoured Harpies
  • 5x 'Chaos Warriors'
  • Leader model in Chaos Dwarf style armour riding a Daemonwolf/Juggernaut type creature
  • More 'Viking' Infantry (Like Marauders?)

The other overriding key note here was that all of the models were very individual looking. It's certainly an interesting set of models that appears to take a little bit of a step away from the old armies you'd have expected.

I particularly like not only the sound of the new 'Empire' force but also that both it and the Chaos Cult contain a lot of female miniatures too. The Human force is also incredibly multicultural sounding and the Chaos Cult has a nice mix of disparate individuals which would make sense for something as warped as a Cult.

Chaos Marauders

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out and I'm fairly sure that regardless of whether or not this is the set we get in the end I'm going to be picking up the new Age of Sigmar to give it a go.

As always, a BIG pinch of salt with this but let us know what you think of the rumours below.

Let us know!


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"The other overriding key note here was that all of the models were very individual looking..."

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