Judgement, Nightmares & ‘Mancers On The Way For Warmachine

October 9, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press have shown off some more of their miniatures for Warmachine coming out over the next few weeks. The Protectorate of Menoth, Cryx and Retribution are all getting themselves either new Warjacks or Unit ready to start blasting away foes...

Fiery Judgement

First up we have this rather over the top (it wouldn't be Menoth without a lot of pomp and ceremony) Warjack named the Hand Of Judgement. I've never really been won over by the Warjacks of Menoth but I do quite like the censer/mace that it's carrying into battle.

Hand of Judgement

"Hand of Judgment exists for a single purpose: to execute the will of Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. Armed with an immolator cannon and a massive mace, this mighty warjack brings Menoth’s cleansing fire against those arrayed against the Protectorate.

Zealous in smiting its enemies, it has demonstrated a dangerous temper only Feora can keep in check. Wherever she treads, Hand of Judgment follows, eager to slip its leash to destroy those who displease its master."

I'm sure there are a lot of Warmachine players who would burn me alive for saying such heretical things of Menoth but I sometimes find them a little over the top. I guess the idea of walking churches/religious icons and such has carried over from Warhammer 40,000.


Secondly we have a beast of a Character Warjack for Cryx. This mechanised terror of blades and brutality looks great, charging towards the enemy with magical energy glowing from every exhaust port.


"Barathrum is a mechanized terror born from the nightmares of a lunatic, and Lich Lord Terminus has claimed this helljack as his own. Barathrum burrows with its massive talons to await its prey, then explodes from the ground to seize its victims and drag them screaming beneath the earth.

Committing to slaughter with reckless abandon, the ’jack cleaves men in two with its talons and impales others on its tusks."

The model is quite top heavy but not to the point where it seems like it would fall over. The other angles of Barathrum over on their website make it look a lot better and you can see the arm blades much easier too.


Last but not least we have a unit for Retribution. These Electromancers manipulate storms on the battlefield and send energy surging through enemy units...

House Vyre Electromancers

"Not content to stand idly by as their myrmidons march to war, House Vyre has recently deployed its own seasoned electromancers. Arcanists trained for years under the tutelage of House Vyre’s most accomplished battle mages, electromancers have done much to further the house’s cause.

The voltaic energies forced through their staves lash the battlefield with manipulated storms that arc deadly electrical surges from one target to the next. Warjacks collapse beneath overloaded systems, and scores of infantry fry where they stand."

What do you think of this collection of new models for Warmachine?

"These Electromancers manipulate storms on the battlefield and send energy surging through enemy units..."

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