Wild West Exodus Enlist Mimreg Zain For Your Next Sermon

July 15, 2014 by brennon

The next time you turn up for church with the Holy Order in Wild West Exodus it's going to be presided by this rather neat looking new sidekick, Mimreg Zain. His name makes him sound like an alien but he sure looks like a steampunk/sci-fi Templar!

Mimreg Zain (Front)

Mimreg Zain (Rear)

Coming into battle armed with that neat looking axe and a pistol that also houses another type of blade you know this guy means business. I'm a big fan of the armour and it's great to see this edge of grim dark sci-fi working its way into the game. I'd love to either paint him up with oil and mud splattering his armour or clean and shining with a bit of object source lighting glowing across his breastplate.

My only complain would be the stance; something about the legs looks a little off. Apart from that though it's a really cool miniature!

Does this new religious zealot measure up?

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