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Salute Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere Folks! [Update!]

6 hours ago 35

After a weekend of people wondering we’ve had confirmation that Salute isn’t going anywhere and it won’t be leaving the ExCel centre anytime soon either [Statement From South London Warlords Added!]


Book Your Bolt Action Boot Camp Ticket Now! (SOLD OUT!)

2 days ago 56

New World Earth Coming To Kickstarter & AdeptiCon 2015!

6 days ago 5

See what you think of some of the cool looking models coming out from New World Earth AND help charity at the same time at AdeptiCon!

Watchful I Studio Announces Presence at Adepticon in March

10 days ago 1

If you’re in the neighborhood for Adepticon next month, you can stop by and say hi to Watchful I Studio. They will be joining the con this year and previewing their new line for their upcoming Kickstarter.

DGS Games Brings Two New Freeblades Miniatures To Adepticon

12 days ago 3

DGS Games is bringing more Freeblades goodness to Adepticon this March with 2 new releases! No names on them just yet, but the first is a knightly fellow.

SmogCon 2015 Cover

SmogCon 2015 – Live Blog!

12 days ago 14

Today our intrepid editor Ben @brennon will be live blogging the happenings at SmogCon 2015, with interviews and sneak peaks, to tide us over until tonight’s much anticipated Keynote (Hordes Baby!!!)

Myth Grubbers Diversify At Adepticon 2015

19 days ago 6

Variety is the spice of life- and at this year’s Adepticon, the VIG’s will be getting 3 new Grubbers from the fellas at Megacon Games.

Maybe Your 28mm Fantasy Army Needs a Yankie Goblin?

19 days ago 0

What is more dangerous than a goblin on a war path? How about a goblin with a gun bigger than he is? VIG’s at Adepticon will find an exclusive Yankie Goblin miniature from Kromlech in their Swag Bags this year!


Invasion 2015 – Open Weekend Live Blog!

25 days ago 51

TempleCon 2015 Coverage – Privateer Press Keynote Summary!

26 days ago 7

As you might already have guessed from the great big banner on the top of the site we’ll be covering TempleCon by hosting Privateer Press’ Live Feed on both Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th. There’s going to be plenty of awesome things to check out so keep a beady eye on the site over the weekend…

Victoria Miniatures Take Command With AdeptiCon 2015 Exclusive Model!

27 days ago 2

Victoria Miniatures have shown off the awesome looking Sci-Fi miniature they’ll be adding to the swag bags of AdeptiCon 2015 attendees. See what you think of the Tannenburg Kolonel who actually has a bit of background too!

The H-Bot-44 To Be a Stretch Goal in WWX’s Upcoming Kickstarter

30 days ago 1

It pays to participate in events at Adepticon! Last year’s winner of the Wild West Exodus main event is seeing his own character model, the H-Bot-44, come to life in the upcoming Kickstarter!

Peter Jackson Teams Up With The Perrys For New Zealand’s WW100

30 days ago 11

This year, New Zealand will be engaging in their First World War Centenary. As part of the WW100 programme, renowned film maker Sir Peter Jackson is teaming up with Alan and Michael Perry to create a Gallipoli diorama of around 4000 minis!

BoW Dropzone Commander Boot Camp 13th-14th March 2015!

30 days ago 56

Sold Out

So it’s all settled! The wheels are in motion and we’re gearing up for an awesome Dropzone Commander weekend in March on the 13th and 14th!

Raiding, Revelry & Looting the High Seas At Adepticon!

38 days ago 13

Pillage and plunder on an 800 sq ft highs table at Adepticon for the ultimate pirate adventure! A Fistful of Seamen is continuing it’s storyline, “But Pirates are Coming!” Those participating will receive a special miniature, exclusive to Adepticon.