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UK Starship Bridge Simulator Available On Friday For UK Games Expo


If you want to pretend to be an awesome Sci-Fi Bridge Captain then maybe you’d like to sign up for the Starship Bridge Simulator at UK Games Expo?

Weekender: Para Bellum's Conquest World Revealed & Brand New US Studio

Weekender: Para Bellum’s Conquest World Revealed & Brand New US Studio


Welcome back to The Weekender for 2018!

European Championship & Grand Kotei Tickets Coming Soon For UKGE


Available on Sunday 28th January, the UK Games Expo will put live the tickets for Fantasy Flight Games’ European Championships and the Grand Kotei Event that will be taking place over the 1st – 3rd of June 2018.

Warcradle To Attend AdeptiCon With WWX & Dystopian Wars


Warcradle have announced that they are going to be attending AdeptiCon 2018 and will be bringing both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars with them to show off.

Star Wars Legion Events At Adepticon 2018


Adepticon 2018 is shaping up to be a Star Wars feast for gamers! Star Wars Legion from Fantasy Flight Games will be ready to delight fans and hopefully encourage new gamers to make the jump into the hobby through a number of events at the convention.

UK Games Expo Tickets On Sale December 1st


Entry Tickets for UK Games Expo will be going on sale this Friday, December 1st, ahead of what is possibly going to be the biggest show ever next year in 2018.

Adepticon 2018 Registration Is Live Now!


If you’ve ever been on the fence about getting over to Adepticon, this should be your year! Adepticon 2018 registration is live now and will no doubt be full of all the gaming goodness you are looking for.

Beasts Of War At SteamCon 2017

Beasts Of War At SteamCon 2017


Win New Blacksmiths Az & Justin spend the
weekend with Steamforged Games checking
out what’s new and upcoming in the worlds
of Guild Ball, Dark Souls, Resident Evil
and Shadow Games

New UKGE 2018 Sponsors Announced [Updated]


The team behind UK Games Expo announce a new set of Sponsors including Warcradle Studios, CGE and HABA who will be supporting the show in 2018.

Tickets For CMON Expo (May 11th-13th 2018) Available Now


2018 is shaping up to be exciting for gamers, and CMON Expo is just one of the great things to look forward to. Snag your tickets now for CMON Expo 2018, May 11th-13th.

D-Day Dice at Essen Spiel 2017


Ben gets some time to play D-Day dice at Essen 2017. Will he be able to storm the beaches successfully in this cooperative dice game?


Essen SPIEL ’17 Live Blog – Sunday


An Indian Summer beckons, we destroy humans in Dragoon and much more coming up today in the Live Blog!


Essen SPIEL ’17 Live Blog – Saturday


Bezier Games, Modiphius, Queen Games,
Cat Gang Warfare and Irish folklore, all coming
up on Day Three of Essen Spiel ’17!


Essen SPIEL ’17 Live Blog – Friday


UBOOT Battles, Stunning Booths, Board Game
Celebs, Dead Man’s Doubloons and
lots more to come!


Essen SPIEL ’17 Live Blog – Thursday


Games Workshop, FFG, Para Bellum,
Horrible Games and MANY MORE! All on
Day One of Essen SPIEL ’17

Dragon Fall Convention Is Coming October 20th-22nd


If you’re looking for a convention fix this time of year, look no further than Dragon Fall! Dragon Fall is the premiere miniatures gaming convention at Pheasant Run Resort, happening October 20th-22nd.

GMM Studios Shows Off Tribal Ogres You Never Knew You Needed


If you’re looking for inspiration for themed armies, then Brandon from GMM Studios may be just the creative mind you need! Check out his latest custom army/display of tribal ogres, “The Last Voyage Of The Crusty Anchovy.”

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day One!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day Two!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day Three!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!