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Adepticon Day 3 & 4

AdeptiCon 2015: Live Blog Day 3 & 4

12 days ago 109

We’re back with more from AdeptiCon 2015 as the rest of the convention over the weekend gets started!

Adepticon 2015: Liveblog Day 1 and 2

AdeptiCon 2015: Live Blog Day 1 & 2

13 days ago 127

Beasts of War are at AdeptiCon 2015! Gianna and Dawn will be roaming the event to bring you all the awesome sights and sounds.

Get To Know The Two New Characters For Freeblades This Week

16 days ago 2

DGS Games is releasing 2 new miniatures for their game, Freeblades, at Adepticon this weekend. To tide you over until then, they’ve given a peek at the stats for them.

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 3

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 3

18 days ago 325

Ships Take To The Seas In Expansion From DGS! Free Captains!

18 days ago 7

Plenty of miniature gaming will occur on the high seas next week at the 2015 Adepticon. DGS Games has teamed up with Laser Dream Works to take the game Freeblades to the seas!

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 2

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 2

19 days ago 331

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 1

19 days ago 308

So this evening kicks off the Dropzone Commander Bootcamp, brought to you by Beasts of War, Hawk Wargames & Army Painter.

Exclusive! Will You Be Lucky? Win Cash Prizes At Salute 2015

21 days ago 6

If you’re an Advanced E-Ticket Holder at this years Salute you could be in for a big treat as the South London Warlords have popped a few cash prizes into some of your bags! Fancy some extra spending money for the event?

Hawk Wargames And AdeptiCon Bring Some Awesome Swag!

26 days ago 4

Adepticon and Hawk Wargames have teamed up to give those who are attending a really nice treat.

Fight For Freedom With Ace Warzone Diorama Coming To AdeptiCon

27 days ago 4

Prodos Games are coming to AdeptiCon and they’re bringing a pretty awesome diorama with them as well as selling it on their webstore.

Salute Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere Folks! [Update!]

29 days ago 39

After a weekend of people wondering we’ve had confirmation that Salute isn’t going anywhere and it won’t be leaving the ExCel centre anytime soon either [Statement From South London Warlords Added!]


Book Your Bolt Action Boot Camp Ticket Now! (SOLD OUT!)

31 days ago 58

New World Earth Coming To Kickstarter & AdeptiCon 2015!

35 days ago 5

See what you think of some of the cool looking models coming out from New World Earth AND help charity at the same time at AdeptiCon!

Watchful I Studio Announces Presence at Adepticon in March

38 days ago 1

If you’re in the neighborhood for Adepticon next month, you can stop by and say hi to Watchful I Studio. They will be joining the con this year and previewing their new line for their upcoming Kickstarter.

DGS Games Brings Two New Freeblades Miniatures To Adepticon

40 days ago 3

DGS Games is bringing more Freeblades goodness to Adepticon this March with 2 new releases! No names on them just yet, but the first is a knightly fellow.