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Show Off Your Jedi Skills Playing Star Wars Destiny At Polar Vortex

16 hours ago 0

Looking for something fun to do January 27th-29th? Come play Star Wars Destiny and much more at a brand new gaming convention in Glen Ellyn, IL – Polar Vortex!

Exclusive Bombshell Mini For Geek Nation Adepticon Attendees

5 days ago 5

Geek Nation Tours and Bombshell Miniatures have teamed up to deliver a special treat for their tourees at Adepticon this year. Have a look at the exclusive sci fi mini from Patrick Keith!

Loads Of Malifaux & More At Adepticon This Year

5 days ago 2

All things Wyrd & wonderful are ramping up as Adepticon is getting closer. The Malifaux community has loads of great events planned for the con this year and plenty of demos for you to check out!

Tickets For UK Games Expo FFG European Championships Available Friday

8 days ago 6

The UK Games Expo, running from the 2nd – 4th of July this year in Birmingham is going to be hosting the 2017 European Championships for a whole host of games from Fantasy Flight Games.

Warcradle Studios Becomes UK Games Expo’s Newest Associate Sponsor

11 days ago 13

The UK Games Expo has now joined forces with another Associated Sponsor as Warcradle Studios, the new team behind Wild West Exodus, gets onboard!

X-Wing System Open Spoils Are For The Taking At Hoth (Adepticon)

11 days ago 9

If you plan on participating in the Hoth event of the X-Wing Open Series at Adepticon this spring, you can find yourself in possession of some fantastic X-Wing extras! Cards, tokens, templates and game mats are just a few of the goodies up for grabs in tournament play.

Show Your Gaming Spirit With Adepticon’s First Ever Cosplay Contest

26 days ago 10

Show your gaming spirit at Adepticon in cosplay this year for a chance to win fame, glory and fabulous prizes! Badger Airbrush and Eagle Ordinary have teamed up to sponsor the fun.

British Historical Games Society Challenge Ticket Available For The UK Games Expo

28 days ago 1

If you’re into looking to take part in a challenging event that runs across multiple rulesets then you might want to check out the one set up by the British Historical Games Society.

Adepticon Talks 2017 EP01

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 01: Games Workshop at AdeptiCon 2017 & 40K Events Details

30 days ago 4

Dawn from our US Studio chats with Christopher Mehrstedt and Brian Carlson, the 40K Event Organisers for AdeptiCon, about Games Workshop’s plans for the event in 2017.

Registration Is Open For The 2017 CMON Expo

33 days ago 2

With the New Year right around the corner, that means the kick off for convention season! Registration is open now for CMON Expo 2017, May 12th-14th in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tickets Available Soon For UK Games Expo Live Entertainment Events

34 days ago 3

A whole range of Live Entertainment Events will be happening next year at the UK Games Expo running between June 2nd – 4th 2016. Here’s a run down of just some of them and the links to pick up some tickets!

The Call Goes Out For The UK Games Expo Awards 2017

35 days ago Comments Off

The call has now gone out from the UK Games Expo for those seeking to be included as part of the Awards for 2017 at the show running between June 2nd & 4th 2017.

UK Games Expo Entry Tickets Available Now

UK Games Expo Entry Tickets Available Now

50 days ago 4

Entry Tickets for the UK Games Expo have now gone on sale for the event in 2017!

The Adepticon 2017 Cart Is LIVE – Got Swag?

60 days ago Comments Off

Got swag? The 2017 Adepticon cart is live, which means if you’re going to score access to one of their coveted VIG swag bags or killer seminars and tournaments, you’d better act fast.

Fantasy Flight Games European Finals at UK Games Expo

Fantasy Flight Games: European Finals at UK Games Expo

60 days ago 5