4Ground Take You To The Tavern & A 10mm Cityscape!

November 29, 2014 by brennon

4Ground have shown off some more of their new releases including both The Stoic Arms as an addition to their Mordanburg setting and a whole host of buildings for the Urban Zone range which is perfect for 10mm fighting in Dropzone Commander...

The Stoic Arms

The first piece of kit is the absolutely amazing looking Stoic Arms that would be perfect for a tavern in any historical or indeed fantasy setting. Like all the 4Ground terrain it comes table-ready once you've assembled it and has interiors too if you fancy a  bit of a bar fight when you're skirmishing around the board.

I'm already viewing this as a prospective Prancing Pony Inn for use in Lord of the Rings and you could then pick up a lot of the Mordanburg range to use as the rest of Bree!

Tower Block

Ward Building

Municipal Building

Hab-Block Kit

Acseon Tower

The rest of the release line-up focuses in on their buildings made for use with the likes of Dropzone Commander. A whole host of new buildings, both business based and habitation-centric have been worked on to give some real life to your cities as you fight over them. There's nothing worse than some bland cardboard box-like buildings to fight over and these are anything but.

I particularly like the last of the buildings shown above, the Corporate Building, with its different angles and interesting artistry. I think it would work as a choice objective in the middle of the tabletop that both forces are fighting over.

What do you think?

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