Revive Alkemy With New Kickstarter Campaign

November 16, 2015 by brennon

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The minds behind the Alkemy Miniatures Game are reviving the world, models and more with a Kickstarter Campaign which focuses on bringing this small scale Fantasy game to a whole new audience. They have already smashed their funding goal with six days left to go...

Alkemy Blitz

The world of Alkemy is a strange and different one with very original characters and monsters to use on the tabletop. The team have showed off a bit more about the game and how it plays in the video above but also given some reasons why you should back them too.

Kickstarter Core Sets

So why should you play Alkemy?

  • The rules are very easy to learn. A player can learn the rules in one session. A game lasts about forty five minutes.
  • Fun. It's often forgotten, but a game is first meant to be fun. Dice, combat cards, action points, simple rules, and interaction between two players make “Alkemy Blitz” a very fun game.
  • Durability and tactical depth. Once the rules are learned, you'll further refine your knowledge and your strategy through multiple games.
  • Scenarios. Each scenario modifies gameplay to offer a different approach to the game.
  • Tabletop (24 x 24 inches). The game is fast and only requires six to ten miniatures.
  • The universe. This is one of the main highlights of the game. Alkemy is primarily a rich universe, filled with history, maps, and characters with personalities that make immersion in the game even deeper!
  • Characters. From Feline Khalimans, Aurlok (animal human) through to the medieval human Avalon and Asian Triadic, the characters are original and give a special touch to Alkemy. But this is no longer enough. The universe is expanding and two new factions are proposed: Naashtis and Utopians.

The factions mentioned last there are the subject of two core sets which combine to make one package as you see above.

Utopia Core Set

Nasshti Core Set

As well as those boxed sets they have smashed their Kickstarter goal which means stretch goals and add-ons and lots of alternative models. With that in mind I picked out my favourites which were these fellows, the Escapees Of The Prison Of The Tooth!

Escapees From The Prison Of The Tooth

...and it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without some exclusives. The miniature in question here is the Emissary of Khaliman Republic who is a rather wonderful cat-person who can be used in a lot of different scenarios.

Exclusive Miniature

Have you delved into the world of Alkemy before or is this your first exposure to it? You can't deny the crazy originality in this game and the amazing wealth of high detailed miniatures already ready to join the fight.

What do you think?

"I picked out my favourites which were these fellows, the Escapees Of The Prison Of The Tooth!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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