Antimatter Games Shows Off The Sexy Siren Maneater For Deep Wars

June 10, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

(singing) "Ohhhhh here she comes. Watch out boy, she'll chew you up..."

I can't even help myself - Hall & Oates is hopelessly stuck in my head now, and with good reason. Have a look at the latest sculpt from Antimatter Games for their recent Blood Reef Kickstarter for Deep Wars!

AMG siren maneater

Meet the very sexy, and likely very dangerous, Siren Maneater. Just look at the details on this sculpt, from the barnacles on the rock she's sitting on to the skull at the end of one of her tentacles. I cannot wait to see how someone paints her up. There's a perfect canvas there for dreamy colors and interesting light and shade angles.

AMG sire maneater back

In addition to theme of Deep Wars just being amazing because it takes place underwater, by opening up tablescapes and paint schemes that we just don't get to use everyday, these guys just nail their sculpts with such a nice feeling of motion. Her hair and tentacles look like they are floating in the water.

She looks like a thing of beauty - how could you not want to swim up to get a closer look?

AMG siren maneater art

And for as much as I love my art work, to the point where sometimes I prefer the look of art more than the end result of the sculpt, I think they absolutely nailed this one on the sculpt.

"Ohhhhh here she comes. She's a maneater." You're welcome.

What do you think of this sultry Siren Maneater of Blood Reef?

"She looks like a thing of beauty - how could you not want to swim up to get a closer look?"

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