Empire of the Dead Invades West Wind

March 15, 2012 by dracs

The starter sets for Empire of the Dead, West Wind's game of 1888 supernatural skirmishing, are now available to pre-order!

Will you guide the Gentlemen's Club to victory? Or will the Vampire Clan rule the nights?

Empire of the Dead - Vampire and Gentlemen's Club Starter Set

Will the religious zeal of the Brotherhood win the day? Or shall the Werewolves leave them barking at the moon?

Empire of the Dead - Werewolves and Brotherhood Starter Set

Each of these limited edition starter sets also includes Professor Erazmus, whose knowledge and inventions can be pushed into the service of your forces.

Empire of the Dead - Professor Erazmus

There are few inventions that cannot be traced in some way back to the brilliance of Professor Erazmus. An expert in manipulating Infernium it is no surprise that factions of all hues will stop at nothing to secure his services or prevent his knowledge falling into the hands of their enemies.

Also, if you decide to buy the full starter set including all four factions you shall receive... the Butler!

Empire of the Dead - All Four Factions

Silent, obedient and tirelessly dedicated; that is the recipe for the perfect servant. An Infernium powered automaton, The Butler offers all of these traits without ever asking for a day off. Yet inside his mechanical mind something sinister is stirring. Are these wonders of the modern age the subservient innocent contraptions the advertisements would have you believe?

So guys who thinks they might give this game a go? Which faction might you decide to choose?

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