How TMS Sculpts Miniatures For The Ninth Age

January 4, 2019 by dracs

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Artur is back in the studio with Sam to take us through an in-depth look at the sculpting process for The Ninth World miniatures.

How TMS Sculpts Minis For The Ninth Age

The design and execution of TMS are on display in this video as Artur and Sam get to show off some of the amazing miniatures made for The Ninth World. Artur has an interesting focus on telling a story within each miniature. Like the married couple on the Trebuchet or the skin of the Zombie Dragon being stuck to the ice base it rests on.

Check out our last video with Artur where we take a look at the future of TMS and exciting RPGs in production.

How would you try to let the dynamic sculpt of a miniature tell its own story?

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