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    I think we now know what Warhammer TV’s Duncan favourite army is :

    And while I do think that these big machines are too big for a mere skirmish game … the models do look good.



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    This was one of the more humorous vids they’ve done.. and I have to admit, I’m a big fan of giant stompy shooty mechs.  I expect to get totally wiped out trying to play them but it’ll be funny as heck.

    One interesting thing about these big, points-intensive models is that I expect gameplay to speed up with them.   Fewer models, shorter turns, fewer targets, etc.  It will be interesting ..


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    Ha ha, that was good!



    That was really funny. Maybe not as funny as they Combat Cards one but still really funny on it’s own way.


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    I bought the codex, the Renegade box set (even thought I had the older one 😮 ) the data cards and and the data sheet cards. I really like the data sheet cards, very handy, does anyone know if they are planning to do the same for other 4ok armies?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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