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Hobby Weekender 14/04/2019 – Waking up before we get to sleep

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    Welcome All to another Hobby Weekender! As per tradition started generations ago, and handed down from wise elders, the intro blurb is shamelessly cut and paste below once again and possibly for all time…

    To the uninitiated, this is a virtual hobby hangout here on the forum. It is something fun and silly with a little more ‘oomph’. It’s not just show and tell with your models. Its chatting, getting to know one another, community building. Think of it as a sort of club like hobby session. Everyone is welcome, of course, and there are a few rules to abide by. Let it go as OT as you like with chatting with folks. BoW/OTT is a special, unique community, and this little weekly thread is a tradition on these forums. Though not for everyone, if you are still reading and keen, then it is for you. If not, best click out.

    We do a few things on this thread that usually lasts from Friday(ish) or Saturday(again, -ish) until about Wednesday or Thursday. My say is final in this silly little corner of the internet. Fear not, for this is your safe place against the outside world of flame wars, trolling and all that other crap.

    (1) Make a pledge for the weekend. It can be painting, assembly, priming, converting, background writing, terrain, you name it. Just gotta be relevant to hobbying or gaming.

    (2) Chat with people. Be friendly. Do get to know one another, be kind, provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Do not post up your real name, credit card, bank details or home address info.

    (3) I will list out questions. Answer them. Longer answers = more points. Also, points are being assigned to something else as it confused some folk for a while.

    (4) Awards will be given out at the end of the thread and you shall be awarded XP, added to your account profile by the wonderful @lancorz . Think of him as the ever vigilant Batman of the forums who keeps a careful eye on the status quo, but also acts in a way, like Alfred; with a calm disposition and the attentive nature of a concierge.

    (5) Scottish Pub Law rules: no discussion of religion or politics**. Keep it clean. Behave. Be nice, be kind. Walk away if you get angry. Don’t be a dick.

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    Note: All points are awarded in fictional currencies… sometimes

    One question only this week as a conversation starter, because lack of sleep and coffee… – What would it take for you to jump into a new game?






    Now it’s time for bed and hen work in the morning.

    My pledge is to continue working on my Minotaurs and the conquest subscription. Whether I get anything done while my son is up is debatable but that’s ok.


    a quick meme:







    almost time to sleep …

    Back from Elfia 🙂
    Too flockin’ cold, but fun nonetheless.
    Managed to find me a copy of the complete chronicles of Conan  which was an instant buy for me.

    And picked up my ‘Black rose wars’ pledge.

    // What would it take for you to jump into a new game?
    This is what I look for in any game (either in retail or at kickstarter) :

    1. interesting setting/theme
    2. lightweight mechanics that are easy to learn, but with enough depth to challenge veterans
      (streamlining of systems and consistent mechanics are essential)
    3. solo gameplay option
    4. great graphics & components that make the theme/setting feel alive
    5. unique IP
    6. replayability
      (random maps are an option, but a DIY map/scenario design section will do )
    7. future proof concept at launch
      (is it possible to expand or does it require expansions to remain fun?)
    8. guarantee of support past the 1 year mark or at minimum enough content to keep the game fun should support end before ‘everything’ is released
    9. localization for the entire range during its lifetime
      or minimalistic use of text during actual gameplay

    Of course not every game in my (constantly growing) collection ticks all of these boxes …



    Done with the ^@($)%!!! Epic Eldar army I was doing on a whim for a friend. The 12 hr shift turned out to be not as painful as I thought it would be. I have come to hate the 6mm scale.


    Time for food, shower and sleep



    I find it more of a problem to not jump into new games. But I suppose its a mix of setting and figures. If its short skirted girls with massive bazookas I’d probably skip it.

    My pledge is to assemble more Black Legion things. Terminators, marines and the Lord Discordant.



    A game with short skirted girls with huge bazookas ?
    Hmmm … could still be interesting though.
    It’s still better than short skirted boys with huge bazookas. 😉



    Happy weekend y’all!

    More building of the backlog.  Got some more Space Rats done yesterday.  These really are massive.  If you enjoying looking at grey models my recently started Project on the site is full of them.  One day I will paint!

    unnamed (3)

    Also got the Oathmark Heavy Dwarf Infantry box yesterday, so will build those bad boys today.  They really are lovely models, and should clean up and build nicely.  After that, who knows… Probably more Space Rats or Space Dwarfs.

    Any game I buy is based on the setting and the models.  Mostly the models.  Rule of cool or something historical that I like.  Last game I bought was Ancient Grudge: Bonefields mainly because who doesn’t want undead dwarfs and goblins and really cool scenery?


    Been listening to these bands a lot this week.  Satyricon is not for the faint hearted, though.





    Answer to Question:


    Im actually sleeping well the last few days going to bed at more reasonable hours and waking at more consistent times which is great. Havent touched coffee in a few days either and Im feeling pretty good.


    What would it take for me to jump into a new game? For a board game not much unless it is impossibly convoluted or complicated. As for tablestop miniature games:


    Its harder for me to get into something new. There are only so many games that can be played or collected, and you need a player base. So many games have been kickstarted in the last few years and then kinda just went poof into thin smoke a few years later. As it stands so many games have come out before KS and since, and some are still here but it takes a lot to get a game off the ground after a KS too.



    @limburger That’s an interesting looking game. Damn, it raised a lot of money.


    @horati0nosebl0wer The army turned out great. Was 6mm that bad? I guess you didn’t have any infantry to do so silver linings?


    @woldenspoons You got a Lord Discordant eh? Let me know how it goes together.


    @robert Space Rats are nice. How is the material to work with and what were they like to put together? Also cant wait to see pics of the armoured dwarves



    @mage Those are hard plastic and just need mould lines removed and the fit is very good.  Perhaps some of the initial sculpting could have been smarter in terms of how the miniatures were designed but other than that, these were pretty easy to work with.

    unnamed (4)

    The above is a PVC (Plastic Resin) like material – or what people have nicknamed “restic”, and it is the material that most people complain about.  The only real mould line on these were on the actual rats, very little to clean on the vehicle.  The driver needed a bit of hot water treatment to get him to fit properly.  The RRP on the above is £9.99 and it comes with alternate arms for the guy on the base and an alternate weapon on top, so it is very good value, in my opinion.  The newer releases in this material are actually really good but some of the early ones, especially those that came with the first KoW Kickstarter can be time consuming to work with.   If you aren’t confident or good with a craft knife, then I could understand why people would complain but it is a good material for the price but you have to invest that little bit more time (and sometimes skin in my cases when I superglue my fingers together or to the model).  Like every material in this hobby, has its advantages and disadvantages.



    What does it take to get me into a new game? Well, I’d say for boardgames its the game concept. I’m a fan of something as simple as Ticket to Ride or Scrabble but Ice Age and Carcassonne work well with me. I got Brutality from the Kickstarter delivered a few weeks ago so it seems that not all out cutthroat competition is the thing.

    Videogames, good graphics win me over most of the time but if you can catch my imagination just right I’d say you have me. West of Loathing is literally stick figure animation but the premise is funny as hell and the humor is canny to gamers. Punch Club is a throwback to 16 bit graphics and a Rocky like revenge story with more tongu in cheek humor. Then again you can have something as pretty as the latest release of Battletech, Frostpunk or the Valkyria Chronicles series (damn you Sony for releasing 2 and 3 on PS Vita!)

    RPGs really needs to have an overarching motif that I can sink my teeth into. White Wolf started me into the more gritty RP experience and made me think exactly what kind of narrative I played in. With my current GURPS it is sad to say that the GM doesn’t really have much to run on and its pretty obvious. 2nd ed. VtM kicked me into a new world as I read voraciously and a bit here and there to get fluff (even getting the novels at one time). Changeling: The Lost is really something to gnaw on long term and still is a favorite from when it was Changeling the Dreaming. Where can your mind wander? Go ask Alice.

    I pledge to try and get some simple work done on a cleric I’ve had sitting on the shelf. Pics to prove it later.

    Because this silence is offensive to Slaanesh!!!

    Yep, something to be aware of when gaming World of Darkness or in the far reaches of the 41st Millenium

    Rumble thee forth and poof them out of existence!!! *mucho shooty shooty bang bang ensues

    When sometimes you need to turn your brain sideways

    Metalheads be present as well

    @mage When did you start doing musical appearances?

    Relax and wind down

    @woldenspoons All I could think of was a comic from waaaay back when titles Bazooka Jules when you made mention of what works for you and new games.

    @limburger I think that the anime series you might want to check out about bazooka boys might be “Is This a Zombie?” where yo0u can get your confused magical garment girl as a boy.

    @robert Yes, the backlog does grow sometimes. With the army down I’m getting around to mine. The bad part is being in a subscription for limited edition stuff.

    @mage Yes, the thought of a large block army makes me cringe a little but it might be good. I’m not building anything large scale because I have been trying to remain mobile (yeah right). I’m at the point of having to decide between minis or my book/video collection in order to be move more readily. It sucks but I want to be more serious about mini painting and the single life without a set domicile that I own just makes that a little bit rough.


    Off to work and maybe get some paint work done



    @mage The Lord Discordant went together in protest. What an annoying fiddly thing to put together! I’m not joking either. I don’t think my cats have stabbed my fingers as much as that thing.

    Cool model mind you.



    What would it take for you to jump into a new game?

    Let’s see… I would need to win the lottery, buy a house and have enough money left to quit my job and just keep making hobby…

    But seriously it would need a lot. Especially I would need to know that a lot of my people around me would join me so that there would be actual people to play with.

    That being said: next week is release date for the SW:L tank and speeder 8)



    I missed pretty much all of last week’s hobby weekender – and having been to Birmingham and staying over for a day longer than expected, and having to come home to Brighton on the back of a flatbed (stupid Peugeots and their electrical faults) I’m joining in a bit late. But here goes….

    Hobby pledge: finish painting my He-man baddies and maybe splash some paint on the 3d printed stuff

    Question: what would it take to jump into a new game? A new game being released and me having some spare cash to buy it! Getting into new games has never been a problem for me. Picking one I like, working on it, getting the minis painted and really feeling like I’ve done a half-decent job on them, that’s another issue. But jumping into a new one takes no effort at all!


    I can’t help but feel that these guys missed the boat and should have been around a few years earlier to have been really appreciated (a bit like the UK band Skin who were massively underrated)



    Ok, so after a few hours, I made some progress (although not all progress in the photos since last time are from this weekend…)


    Got Skeletor finished, Tri-clops and Mer-man. He-man, Beast-man and Man-at-Arms are from an earlier session. I’ve also been busy 3d printing stuff (yes, that’s a Talon Raider – I’m so glad that Google means we don’t have to recall or remember these awful names!) and a micro SkySled I cobbled together from some designs off the intertubes.


    I need to learn how to paint dark cloaks. If anyone has any tips, please link in a reply!

    Talking of 3d printing, I find that I set mine running, shove a 2-3 hour job on it and that’s when I know I’ve been painting for long enough in one session. So while I finished off he-man minis, I printed a well for a medieval town….


    ….and a couple of control panels for Space Hulk/Crusade:


    Will try to get MOTU stuff finished before next weekend (Teela and TrapJaw still left to paint) and I’m quite looking forward to sticking some filler on Castle Greenskull and seeing how that turns out with a splash of paint and some static grass/moss on it…..

    Listening to Motley Crue this weekend:

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