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Wow…..Dungeon Alchemist KS – software to create dungeons….. super cool

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    Just came across this and pleased i did. Looks amazing, have a peek..





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    Yeah it’s really cool looking. Our RPG group has been discussing it on discord – I just don’t know I can justify another mapping software when I already own two 😂 still €30 for a lifetime license is great value

    The full link for those interested is here



    Not sure I see the point. It just generates a map.

    A dungeon more than just a set of tiles… in fact that’s the easy part.

    The plot, the motivations, the descriptions of the rooms and occupants… that’s the interesting bit.


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    @pagan8th it also automagically fills it with a bit of content and various gribblies … so it’s not quite that trivial.

    However I do agree that a (good) dungeon is more than a bunch of rooms in a maze-like layout.

    OTOH … as an idea generator that you then tweak to your liking it is a great idea. As such it is as good/bad as the various table driven dungeon generators that exist.

    The only problem is that it is software project and those are notorious for flying past deadlines like they didn’t exist.

    Second red flag : team lead is designer … and the second person on the team claims to have experience with AI/’Machine learning’. It would help if they had previous work completed as a team. The vagueness of “experienced programmer with various videogames …” makes me think that these were mostly mobile games that never made any headlines.

    I also think that a two person team is a bit too small for a project that needs to be tested to hell and back.

    An artist type as a project lead is an additional potential red flag as you ideally need a bean counter … instead of a creative/techy type to keep a project of this magnitude in check.

    Final nail : 45K for a two man team software project … they either require an unlisted stretch goal as their actual target or they’re working for peanuts, don’t need to eat or have any expenses while they’re working on this kickstarter. I guess this is part of the sad trend where kickstarters want to claim they are ‘funded’ within days of launch …

    Ideally they would have a bare bones functional prototype ready for a live demo.

    Invest at your own risk.


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    You could use the software to replace old warhammer quest tiles with these, or redo “heroquest” board. There will be a option to create your own tiles and sell them, so you don`t need a artist but do it yourself. Hope warren talks about this


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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