Badass Lego Guns? (Turn down your speakers)

January 28, 2011 by lloyd

I think it's time for something a bit different. So here it is, Guns made from Lego. Hmm for some reason I keep hearing the words "You'll shoot your eye out!" in my head.

Oh and by the way this vid just sounds mad so I would suggest you turn down your speakers.

It's funny this should pop up, lately I have been chatting to Andy about some Lego Wargaming after we spotted some well priced sets in Argos and as if by magic it already exists. Behold a wargaming system for Lego. There's no painting, no gluing, no filing just good old fashioned fun.

Now as yet we haven't had time to try this out but maybe some of you have, if so maybe you can tell us all about it below.

Right I'm of to buy a big tub of the stuff for a weekend mess about.

BoW Lloyd.

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