Card Game & Miniatures Combine For Gods & Monsters Coming Soon

July 22, 2015 by brennon

Of Gods & Monsters is a new card driven miniatures game coming soon to Kickstarter from Altered Reality Games. The team behind the game are industry veterans Mike Majors, Chris Woodward and Heath Foley. As an added bit of support the game is going to be distributed by Warlord Games too!

Gods & Monsters Artwork

What Is Gods & Monsters?

The artwork is looking great but what about the background?

"Throughout the ages, certain people have been able to tap into hidden power from beyond: shamen, magicians, heroes, and legends. Written about in countless lost tomes, man has sought this power through the ages, yet only a handful have ever found it. Until recently.

Why the walls between worlds collapsed, no one knows for sure, but certain individuals suddenly found that they possessed the power to alter reality. When these individuals started to shape the world to their liking, they soon came into conflict with one another. They began to battle for the one resource they could not create: power from beyond.

Wherever the walls between worlds are thin, wherever this power leaks into our existence, inevitably, Gods and Monsters will clash for control of it."


In gameplay terms this means you'll be using deck building to gather powers, arranging army lists from an array of pre-assembled miniatures (more on that below!) and then duking it out on a dynamic battlefield. Throughout the game you'll be summoning in your forces and with a fluctuating turn order you'll be having to harness tactical know how to outwit your opponents.

Everything looks like it's going to be card driven from the action cards to the powers that you have each turn. I think this is a neat way to take a miniatures game and it almost has the feel of a board game too it which is neat. That's not to say you don't roll some dice as they have some neat looking D10 floating around!

The Pledge

We've got a look at the Divine Pledge Level which will be the starting one for the game out of the starting block.

Kickstarter Starting Pledge

It contains the two factions led by Arthur and Moros. What I'm really interested in seeing is how the lore and story drives the way in which factions interact as they've made a big deal out of that being a part of the game.

The Miniatures!

In terms of miniatures we've already seen a few previews like the rather epic 127mm mark. This is in comparison to most of the other models in the game that are your regular 28mm scale. See what you think of the rather impressive Steam Knight for starters...


Gods & Monsters (Models)

...but that's not all. We've got got an exclusive look at some more of the models for this game that will be coming out through the various stretch goals that will be available. First up is the awesome Clockwork Drake for Arthur's forces.

Clockwork Drake (Front)

Clockwork Drake (Top)

Clockwork Drake (Side)

I think you'll agree that this model is quite the creation. I love the over the top cartoon look to everything they've been working on for this game and I think it should be really appealing to people when they see it on the tabletop. Nice big chunky models with lots of character!

Next up is It Came From Below for Moros...

It Came From Below (Front)

It Came From Below (Side)

It Came From Below (Rear)

Another impressive sculpt and even more so when you think that these are all going to be pre-assembled out of the box. The model reminds me of something that you'd have seen in a late 90's early morning cartoon show and that's almost the feeling I get from all of this. It has a nice whimsy too it on top of the out and out action.

The game is coming to Kickstarter very soon indeed so keep an eye out for it. We'll let you know when it's live!

What do you think of the models?

"The starting game box contains the two factions led by Arthur and Moros..."

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"I think it should be really appealing to people when they see it on the tabletop. Nice big chunky models with lots of character!"

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