Howling Ghetorix & A Writhing Hellmouth Coming To Hordes

June 24, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press have shown off two more units coming your way in the near future for Hordes. We kick things off with Circle Orboros and the howling Ghetorix...


"A proud Tharn king transformed into one of the fiercest warpwolves the Circle has ever known, Ghetorix has a legendary appetite for violence. With savage brutality his axe and teeth bite into flesh and bone as he feeds on the meat of his victims. Spines erupt from his hardened skeleton, protecting him even as they punish his assailants."

Now that is an awesome model with the spirit of a Werewolf and the horns to give him an added 'feral' level. I love that he's covered in very little armour and instead they've gone for a full on wild look for him. The stance is fantastic too, howling at the moon.

Hellmouth Squirming

As well as this mighty beast we also have the Hellmouth for the Legion of Everblight. This is a writhing mass looking to drag hapless foes into its maw...


"Few of the dragon Everblight’s creations invoke as much fear as the blighted nightmare that is the hellmouth. Erupting from beneath the ground to unleash terror and consume flesh, this horrific subterrestrial beast uses its spiked tentacles to drag its hapless victims into its waiting maw."

It's nice to see the Legion looking towards more of the weird and wonderful with their creations. While this of course has a use on the tabletop, bursting out of the ground, I could see these making for a nice diorama as you have soldiers trying to escape its clutches.

What do you think?

"Now that is an awesome model with the spirit of a Werewolf and the horns to give him an added 'feral' level..."

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