Human Interface Nakamura Tower Unleashes The Cyber-Hounds

May 18, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is closing in on the final day or so on Kickstarter and they've been powering on towards unlocking The Snake Queen as part of the Black Stone Commandos. As well as that they've let the leash off an awesome augmented dog with Patrick 'The Hound' Murphy...

Black Stone Commandos

The Snake Queen isn't too far away in terms of stretch goals and if she is achieved then the other member of her crew, Major Zack, will become part of your pledges for the wonderful price of free.

The Snake Queen

Major Zack

This miniatures line, even away from the game, is turning out to be something very special. There are very few companies out there that have been doing good Cyberpunk miniatures that you don't have to try and justify in other ways. This is an awesome collection of miniatures and they've shown off that the metal sculpts are coming together very well indeed.

The Cyber-Hunt

The RAID team have sent in another member of their squad with Patrick 'The Hound' Murphy. If you're looking to hunt someone down then I reckon this is the best beast for the job.

Partrick 'The Hound' Murphy"They move, hunt and fight like they were one creature. And they are damn good at it.Of course there is technology involved, but I am pretty sure there is something more. People say they knew each other before, I don't know what kind of mastermind is hidden behind that beast, but it's to intelligent for just a dog. Frankly speaking I don't want to ask! I feel in my bones that I might not like the answer. But all what really maters for me is that Hound already saved my ass twice. I try not to think what is the price Patrick's paying for such a bound..."

Upgrades, Lots Of Upgrades

There are also some new card upgrades that you can use to equip your characters with different weapons, upgrades and neural enhancements.

Assault Group Spec Kit


We Need More Firepower

Hopefully as the Kickstarter winds down and they look towards the completion of the game for sale we'll see another look at the Rulebook with a better translation and maybe even some full reviews too. I can't wait to see the miniatures in all their glory too and I will certainly be picking them up when they go to retail.

What do you think?

"The RAID team have sent in another member of their squad with Patrick 'The Hound' Murphy..."

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