Infinity Sneak Peek: Zhanying Imperial Agents

June 20, 2017 by crew

We've got a cool sneak peek for you today as we take a look at a new Infinity release coming in July for the Yu Jing forces. Here we have the Zhánying Imperial Agents with a hacker device!

Infinity Sneak Peek: Zhanying Imperial Agents

Here's some of the background on this particular soldier...

"Imperial Agents are direct representatives of the Emperor, an elite caste within the Imperial Service. In this caste, there are ranks, structured according to their proximity to the Dragon. Zhànyīng Agents, the fighting eagles, are one of the lowest rungs of that ladder.

Without contacts or influence, these agents have clawed their way into the Imperial Service on their own merits, but now have very little chance of breaking through the glass ceiling into higher ranks. This, however, is not a measure of their effectiveness.

As representatives of the law and the Emperor, they have ample powers and the best equipment. These Imperial Agents are given wide leeway, and they use it all in the performance of their duties."

Do you think you'll be picking up some Yu Jing reinforcements?

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