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November 24, 2021 by brennon

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Printable Scenery has teamed up with the amazing concept artist, Johnny Fraser-Allen, in order to bring a new set of STL Files to Kickstarter. The Rise Of The Halflings features miniatures and terrain in 28mm (and bigger!) for you to play around with.

Rise Of The Halflings Kickstarter - Printable Scenery

Rise Of The Halflings Kickstarter // Printable Scenery

This collection of terrain builds on the world of Reign Of Arcane and features amazing concept work that is then turned into high-detail and print-ready models by Matt Barker and the rest of the sterling Printable Scenery team.

Reign Of Arcane - Printable Scenery

Reign Of Arcane Terrain // Printable Scenery

This is the first of their adventures into creating the larger world of Reign of Arcane. They are looking to create unique locations to visit filled with fascinating terrain and interesting miniatures that could be used in your Fantasy tabletop games and perhaps beyond.

The elements of this STL-based Kickstarter that really caught my eye came from the range of Halflings that the team have been working on.

Garden Guild Miniatures - Printable Scenery

Garden Guild Miniatures // Printable Scenery

There is loads of character built into these sculpts which show off the kinds of day-to-day folks that you might see milling around a settlement. They would be great as Halflings defending their homes or just going about their daily business as civilians in your games.

28mm And 70mm Miniatures - Printable Scenery

28mm & 70mm Miniatures // Printable Scenery

Each of the miniatures can be printed off either in 28mm scale or you can go BIG and print them off in 70mm so that you can get stuck in with a paintbrush and use them for display purposes if you so desire.

New Printable Scenery 3D Printable Terrain

Things then expand with the variety of different terrain pieces that the team have to offer. You are able to go down two different routes with the terrain (or get all of it!) when backing the campaign.

Warlocks Pledge - Printable Scenery

Warlocks Pledge // Printable Scenery

The first of these is the Warlocks Pledge which introduces some amazing buildings that look perfect for those trying to build a city that has benefitted from years of development. It looks like a magical place that is at once welcoming and fascinating whilst also feeling a little cold and daunting. That seems perfect for a place a Warlock calls home.

On the other side of things, you have the Halflings Pledge which introduces more natural landscapes and terrain options to your gaming tables.

Halflings Pledge - Printable Scenery

Halflings Pledge // Printable Scenery

I like that they didn't just go for the standard Halfling Holes that we're used to seeing. Instead, you have these treetop escapes and the fascinating Palace Of The Druid which looks like it would be a great place to pick up a new quest.

You can also see how this all comes together with some of the Bonus Items. You have the Great Wyrm and then a strange contraption that is harnessing the power of the beast!

Bonus Items - Printable Scenery

Bonus Items // Printable Scenery

There is a fascinating mix of different ideas and themes here and a story being told through the terrain that you can download and print at home. The Halflings sought aid to deal with The Great Wyrm and the Warlock delivered. What will happen next as the story unfolds and the Warlock's true intentions become plain?

There is PLENTY more to check out as part of the Kickstarter campaign including existing miniatures from Fraser-Allen's collection and that of Printable Scenery. This could be a good chance to try out something new and build a unique tabletop full of terrain.

Are you going to be checking this out?

"There is a fascinating mix of different ideas and themes here and a story being told through the terrain that you can download and print at home..."

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