Warlord Games Planning To Raid Fortress Budapest In 2019

December 11, 2018 by brennon

A new Bolt Action Campaign is coming from Warlord Games and Osprey next year, Fortress Budapest.

Bolt Action Campaign Fortress Budapest - Warlord Games

“As the Soviet Red Army marches westward, the city of Budapest stands in their way. Encircled and severely outnumbered, the German and Hungarian forces attempt to resist the Soviet juggernaut and defend Festung Budapest to the last. This book brings the siege of Budapest to the table-top with in-depth information on the forces involved, linked scenarios, and new Theatre Selectors that make this an ideal resource for any Bolt Action player with an interest in the Eastern Front and the fall of the Reich.”

This sounds like a fascinating campaign to play out with some desperate defenders trying to hold off the inevitable wave of Soviet assaults.

It’s great that as well as some of the more popular moments like the invasion and D-Day we’re seeing more done about this later period of the way over on the Eastern Front.

As with all of these new books we’ll no doubt see something special from Warlord Games in the future so watch this space, but this sounds like a great chance to try and tell a new story on the tabletop.

Have you tried some of the previous campaign books for Bolt Action?

"...this sounds like a great chance to try and tell a new story on the tabletop"

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