Cast Spells With MOMMiniaturas’ New Mage & Apprentice

February 21, 2017 by brennon

Released this week for the growing Fantasy range from MOMminiaturas we have the Mage & Apprentice which would be a perfect fit for the world of Frostgrave or maybe as part of a larger army on the battlefield.

Mage & Apprentice

Something that always comes across in the sculpts from this company is a sense of character. Each of the models feels like they have a personality with this wise and wild looking Mage and his somewhat scared looking companion tagging along beside him (and most likely behind him).

Wizard (Rear)

Mix in the fact that they always get a great sense of motion into their models and you have perfect characters for warbands and armies. For example here the Mage looks like the winds of magic are flowing towards him, lifting up his cloak and playing with his beard.

Also, check out the subtle touch of having him levitating the book to read its pages! No holding of books here like a chump when you have magical powers at your disposal!

Apprentice (Rear)

The Apprentice is also laden down with all manner of odds and ends. He'd be a perfect follower as part of a Frostgrave warband. I could see them working nicely in a diorama too where you have the Mage battling some dark foe whilst the Apprentice tries to give him some light to work by in a dark dungeon somewhere. Source lighting ahoy!

What do you think of this pair?

"Also, check out the subtle touch of having him levitating the book to read its pages!"

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