Fantasy Flight Unleash Doctor Strange On Marvel: Champions

February 5, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has previewed another awesome character for the world of Marvel: Champions. Bring Doctor Strange into the mix with his new Hero Pack which will be dropping soon!

Doctor Strange Hero Pack - FFG

The new Hero Pack, as with all of the others, will come with all of Doctor Strange's specific cards plus a prebuilt deck which allows you to just dive in and start playing with the character right away. As a character, he already introduces some new mechanics into the mix which might be a little familiar to the way Gandalf worked in The Lord Of The Rings: The Living Card Game.

Doctor Strange Card Fan - FFG

The main focus of his power is in the mystic arts and using his Invocation Deck whilst fighting off all manner of different foes. Doctor Strange does have a normal deck but he also has a side deck packed with Invocations, his spells which can be used to combat villains and their schemes. During a turn, you are able to use his Spell Mastery ability to play the top card of that deck and its Special ability before discarding it and revealing the next spell in his 'book'.

This is a really fun mechanic and I think it really helps build on the idea of Doctor Strange as this spell-weaving mage who is able to draw on all sorts of resources during your games. He can also call on some new allies as Iron Fist is also included within his deck (allowing you to team him up with Luke Cage now too!) and the Night Nurse, offering up a way to heal your allies, whoever they may be.

Magical Mat

As well as the new Hero Pack you can also get your hands on a new mat which is looking very snazzy indeed. It might even be better than the Thor mat...

Doctor Strange Game Mat - FFG

There is plenty more to explore with upcoming Marvel: Champions releases. We've seen Thor, Black Widow and Doctor Strange and we're hearing whispers that Hulk might also be around the corner.

Are you going to be snapping up Stephen Strange and mastering the mystical arts?

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