Forge World Sculpt Hobbit Holes & Call On Dryad Skills

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has been at it again, designing up some interesting new bits and pieces for those looking to embellish their Games Workshop games. The first nudge should be towards the Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set which has been released alongside the new Scouring Of The Shire supplement.

Hobbit Hole Upgrade Kit - Forge World

The set comes with the frontage of the Hobbit Hole plus the lovely looking chimney and windows that would be poking out of the underground delight that a Hobbit calls home. Now, as you will have noticed, this is a set of components...and there's no hill for you to be under! Well, that's where you need to get old school and build one yourself.

You will be playing around with foam, sculpting a hill and then working in the wonderful meadow look to the top. You need plenty of flowers here for sure.

Hobbit Hole Upgrade Kit Instructions - Forge World

This can then be dropped into the mix for your Scouring Of The Shire scenarios where the Hobbits are fighting back against Sharkey and his Ruffians. Maybe you could even use these for a slightly less grim scrap as the Hobbits go exploring the woods nearby to Hobbiton? Of course, you can go back in time as well and fight the Battle Of Greenfields.

The Call Of The Woods

As well as this release for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game there's also a new release for Blood Bowl too. Here we have a Wood Elf Star Player, Willow Rosebark.

Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark - Forge World

She is a Dryad that you can drop into the mix when playing games of Blood Bowl and need a bit of added muscle. She is more resilient than her Wood Elf kin, making her good at fulfiling that blitzer role and she also fits in nicely with Halfling teams too as she is a nice middle ground between a regular player and a Treeman.

Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark (Detail) - Forge World

She also looks bloomin' awesome and I think if you could somehow get the ball from betwixt her hand and hip she would make an awesome Branchwych for use in your games of Age Of Sigmar.

So, if you're looking to play as Wood Elves or perhaps Halflings she might make a good inclusion in your team.

What do you make of the new releases from Forge World?

"What do you make of the new releases from Forge World?"

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