Knight Models Now Taking Harry Potter Core Box Pre-Orders

July 16, 2019 by brennon

Knight Models are now taking pre-orders for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Core Box.

Harry Potter Miniature Adventure Game Core Box - Knight Models

The Core Box, which we looked at in our Unboxing last week, contains updated game components and more detailed (and durable) miniatures for you to begin your Potterverse adventures.

The box contains...

  • 13x highly detailed resin miniatures and their Character Cards (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, 4x Death Eaters, 1x Acromantula, 5x Small Acromantula Swarms)
  • Full-colour Rulebook and Adventure Book
  • Modular double-sided gameboards, representing the Forbidden Forest and the Hogwarts grounds
  • 40x Upgrade Cards (20 Spells, 10 Potions, 10 Artefacts)
  • 40x Adventure Cards
  • 16x Event Cards
  • 20x Quest Cards
  • 6x Dice
  • All contained within a premium metal tin!

So, that means you're going to get your hands on some cool takes on these characters like Harry Potter...

Harry Potter Miniature - Knight Models

...and the insidious Death Eaters. As Ryan and Sam said in the unboxing, it looks like they are all vying for the 'most epic cloak' award.

Death Eater - Knight Models

If you're interested in Harry Potter, either from a gaming perspective or you simply want to collect the models, it's worth looking deeper at the collection HERE.

Will you be picking up the new Core Box?

" looks like they are all vying for the 'most epic cloak' award!"

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