Raging Heroes 3D Print You A Wizard’s Treasures This Christmas

November 30, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes are doing something different on Kickstarter this week. Instead of offering up just miniatures for you to print, they are looking off treasures and trinkets as part of A Wizard's Christmas which goes live on 1st December!

The Wizards Christmas Logo - Raging Heroes

A Wizard's Christmas // Raging Heroes

The Kickstarter will allow you to craft over 100 magical gifts for you to print off and use to decorate your house or use in some fun wizarding games over the festive period. For those who have ever wanted to spend their time at a Wizarding School, this might be worth diving into.

A Wizard's Christmas Teaser // Raging Heroes

All of these treats and trinkets are going to be printable at home. Enchanted artefacts, curiosities, gifts, miniatures and loads of things for you to build, paint and cook! For example, maybe you'd want to print off a magical ring, some haunted baubles or fascinating curiosities to pop on your dining table instead of the standard pine cones!

A Wizard's Christmas Interview // Raging Heroes

The Kickstarter is beginning on 1st December and will run through until 11th December. The 3D printable files will then be delivered on 12th December giving you plenty of time to start printing off these various trinkets so you can show them off to your family when Christmas rolls around. Maybe you'll be printing off something like this?

Wizards Castle Ring - Raging Heroes

Wizard's Ring // Raging Heroes

This seems like a great idea and I like that they are trying out something different beyond the regular batch of miniatures. I think that this might be a lot of fun for those hobbyists who want to share some offerings with their family. Imagine playing out a fun wizardly fantasy fun day during the holidays where you're hunting for relics around the house? Seems like a good way to spend this alternative Christmas we're all facing.

Are you tempted to check out this Kickstarter when it launches?

"Seems like a good way to spend this alternative Christmas we're all facing..."

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