Get Started In Fabled Realms As 4Ground Show Off Starter Sets

June 27, 2017 by dracs

With their Kickstarter just around the corner, 4Ground have decided to put out some previews for The Legends of Fabled Realms.

Fabled Realms Starter Set

These include some images of the starter sets for both the Durggoi Coven and the Eightfold Path (open these images to see them in full).

Durggoi Coven

Eightfold Path

These starter sets will be available on the Kickstarter through the A Few Good Fellows pledge, along with the Kickstarter exclusive model of Dragoes the Cartographer.

A Few Good Fellows

Dragoes is a fantastic, swashbuckling style character sculpt. 4Ground have worked to give their models a real sense of individuality, but this is a character model I particularly like.

Which faction in Fabled Realms catches your fancy?

"4Ground have worked to give their models a real sense of individuality..."

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