Osprey Reveal The Doomed! Quick Horror Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargaming

January 24, 2023 by brennon

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Osprey Games has announced a new quick and rules-light Sci-Fi skirmish wargame with a Horror twist. The Doomed is coming out later this year from Chris McDowall in June and will have you diving into a bit of Apocalyptic Horror Hunting!

The Doomed - Osprey Games

The Doomed // Osprey Games

Here's the background to the game...

"Hunger, Hatred, Domination, Oblivion, and Ruin. The world is dying, poised on the brink of falling to one of these great dooms. Factions pursue their own interests, as likely to be the heralds of the world's destruction as they are its saviours. Horrors – monstrous abominations that defy logic, science, and nature – roam the land. Bands of hunters follow bold leaders, seeking out and destroying Horrors, gaining fame as word of their deeds spreads amongst the desperate survivors. Rival bands compete for prestige, clash over ideology, and pose as much of a threat to each other as the Horrors they hunt."

You will take on the role of a small warband of hunters who have been sent out to hunt terrible horrors in a bleak Sci-Fi world. The scenarios that you play will be decided by the Horror that you're going to be hunting and the Conflict that surrounds it. Sometimes you might have to bring down your foe with cunning but other times you'll need to just use good ol' fashioned brute force.

The scenarios (the Conflict) will then pit the warbands against each other whilst also having to deal with the Horror in your midst. You'll be happy to know that there are ways for you to dive into campaigns where your warband will grow and change as you play more and more games.

One of the nice things about The Doomed is that it's a game that really emphasises the idea of kitbashing and customising your warband. Crack out a bunch of different plastic kits and start bashing things together. As you can see by the artwork, there is a good bit of the grimdark in the mix and it has those awesome Sci-Fantasy vibes that folks love.

Could you be tempted by The Doomed?

"...it's a game that really emphasises the idea of kitbashing and customising your warband"

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