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The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

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So, I took a good look at the Fulgrim model (I only bought him at UK Games EXPO this year!), and I am somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of tiny little bits I need to glue to him!

I have been looking for some kind of assembly guide online but cannot seem to find one.

Any way – no pics as of yet – but I have been looking at what paints I am going to use.

So as is a habit now, here is the current thinking on how to paint Fulgrim.


Bugman’s glow – (shade) Reikland Flesh – Cadian Fleshtone – Kislev Flesh


Naggaorth Night (although I also bought Phoenician Purple so I may go with that once I have saw how it dries) (shade) Xerus Purple – Druchii Violet (shade) –Tidy up with Xerus Purple^Dry^ Genestealer Purple  

Gold Trim

Balthazhar Gold – *Highlight* Gehanna’s Gold – (shade) Agrax Earthshade – *Highlight* Liberator Gold – (shade) really thinned down Druchii Violet


Khorne Red (shade) Carrobourg Crimson – *highlight* Mephiston Red – *highlight* Evil Sunz Scarlet – *highlight* Wild Rider Red – (shade) only in the recesses Carrobourg Crimston – *highlight* Troll Slayer Orange (maybe)


Took a bit of a break from this for a few weeks – but I am happy to report Fulgrim has been cleaned and primed, so work will begin tomorrow (23/11) on this pics to follow.

Then we just have to decide which Primarch to buy next!


Spent 8.5 hrs painting this fella on Saturday – so please ignore the terrible pics they were taken at the end of a long day!

Almost finished….

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