A New Faction For Bot Wars Plans To Trash The Competition

April 1, 2021 by avernos

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Traders Galaxy has made a delightful 10mm game that plays like a large scale 50mm skirmish game!

Bot War // Trader Galaxy

How is that even possible you may ask? Well, I'll tell you, strawman of my own creation, it's possible because the 10mm figures, in this case, are giant stompy robots that tower over vehicles and humans alike in the retro 80's style game BOT WAR. To-day marks the start of a pre-order for a new faction and it's a monstrous release in every sense of the word. So I present for your consideration, the Trashers.

Bot War Backstory

The story behind the Bots of Bot War is similar to the biblical tale of rebellion, the Bots were all once Valiants, these beings had no physical presence instead they existed in the ether like sentient code. Each had a role and were all subject to the One. But then a Valiant called Galaxy rebelled and with a third of the Valiants rose up. Their defeat and imprisonment was followed by banishment from their universe and into our own.

The prison suffered a malfunction and so a team of Valiants were ordered to realspace to correct it. Once physical space was breached the Valiants received metal bodies and a ship.

Despite Their Names, They Are Not Reindeer // Trashers

This change disorientated the Valiants a little and the ship collided with the prison sending both falling to earth. This is where the Bots for the original game come in but also this introduces the Trasher Directive and their reason to exist.


The reason for the collision was because of two Valiants. These Valiants shamed by their mistake elected to download the Trasher directive. Only one Valiant had ever done this before and that was before physical forms.

The Trasher directive overrides many of the Valiant’s own code. Essentially the Bots lose any trace of who they once were and take on a new name and appearance. Also, their close combat skills are heightened and their ranged skills reduced. The Trasher directive also sets deep with the Bots psyche a purpose. A quest that the Bot must perform in order to redeem themselves and return to being Valiants once again. There are not a lot of Trashers.

What if Nicolas Cage Was A Transformer? // Bot War

Like all Bots, Trashers cannot be destroyed as such but instead after each destruction are reassembled using whatever is lying around. Their codes recalled from the ether to the repaired body. The other Bots are actually made in factories and are downloaded from the ether and made to each codes spec.

The Range

As you can see the Trashers answer the time-old question of what would happen if you merged Mad Max with Transformers. The Renders look fantastic and having recently unboxed the starter set and some of the additional blisters (coming soon -ed) I can attest that the quality of both the metals and resins is superb, with the latter being close to flawless.

The pre-order will be the first time that Trader Galaxy have launched an entire faction at one time and as such means no boring waiting around for months if you want to get stuck straight into this Faction. You can jump straight in and grab these robotic warriors with a lust for atonement or death in several different ways.

Trashasaur // Bot War

There is a titanic deal that will get you all thirteen of the regular Trasher Bots, plus the two exclusive variants of Dicer and Furie and finally the Combiner, Trashasaur, a 13cm tall robotic Godzilla. I dare you not to replay the Simpsons Truckosaurus over in your head as you look at this powerhouse. It's a biggie but limited to only 35 if you're after them all then I suggest you look quickly.

Now that there are giant robot troll slayers running about and smashing the face-off everyone else I imagine it should be an easy sell for Lloydie to get Justin involved or even Ben.

Hopefully, this is the start of bigger and better things for Trader Galaxy throughout the rest of the year as plans are being formulated beyond the Trashers and they have come to a massive distance in such a short time is a testament to the vision and the product they have created.

Since you didn't ask for it here is one of the exclusive sculpts to drool over.

Furie // Bot War

Really I spoil you...

Will you be wrecking Bots with the Trasher Directive?

"Now that there are giant robot troll slayers running about and smashing the face-off everyone else I imagine it should be an easy sell for Lloydie to get Justin involved or even Ben..."

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