Descend From The Skies With New Warmachine Releases

November 12, 2019 by brennon

Privateer Press has been showing off some newer models for the world of Warmachine and the Mercenaries of Immoren. We start off with my favourite model from this particular batch, the Thamarite Archon.

Thamarite Archon - Warmachine

This is an awesome model. I love the flow of it, the wings carrying the character back as he readies his bow and fires an arrow towards his target. There is something much more Fantasy about this release compared to other offerings from the Warmachine side of things which is probably why it appeals more to me. I think you'd have a lot of fun working on the armour, skin and feathers for this fellow.

My second favourite miniature from this bunch of releases also caught my eye for a similar reason. Here we have the Void Archon.

Void Archon - Warmachine

Once again I love the sense of narrative that you get in this sculpt, the character rising up to deliver a final blow towards someone beneath it. This model might be a bit techier but it still works as a cool solo to throw into the mix when playing your games. The swoosh of colour that flows from the bottom of the base through to the more uniform armour makes for a nice contrast in the miniature.

Grand Masters & Vigilants

As well as these two Archons we also had some mortal offerings including the mounted form of Grand Master Gabriel Throne.

Grand Master Gabriel Throne - Warmachine

"Gabriel Throne has served the Order of Illumination with honour and distinction for a quarter of a century, becoming a living symbol of both the group’s virtuous principles and its ruthless tactics when routing occult corruption. While he had withdrawn from active duty in recent years to serve as a leader and instructor for the Order, the arrival of infernals on Caen has drawn him forth to take up his sword and pistol once again. His name alone is enough to inspire other Morrowan soldiers, and so long as Throne stands with his sword upraised, the forces of the Prophet will not waver."

He certainly looks like a decidedly dashing character to throw into the mix. Horses are often quite hard to get right but I think they've gone a good job here and Gabriel looks natural in the saddle. I like that we've also got a lot of his travelling kit coming with him into the fighting, a man who always has what he needs to hand.

In addition to Gabriel Throne, you can also now pick up Alexia, The Undying and a band of Order Of Illumination Vigilants too if you want to bolster things within your Mercenary force.

Are you tempted by some of these new Warmachine offerings?

"Are you tempted by some of these new Warmachine offerings?"

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