Get Your Wyrd Halloween Minis Ready For The Rotten Harvest Painting Competition!

October 7, 2021 by fcostin

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We are seven days into spooky season, the pumpkins are at the end of every aisle in the supermarket, the Halloween themed board games are out from the back of the shelves and us tabletop gamers are eyeing up the gory and gruesome bases.

It is not just black and orange paint and cobwebs, the Wyrd Rotten Harvest painting competition, where players can paint their Wyrd miniatures for a chance to win some Wyrd and wonderful goodies.


Rotten Harvest Painting Competition // Wyrd Games

Getting involved is simple, there are several different ways players can get their hands on prizes. Whether it be via a community vote or through the medium of staff vote - there are plenty of chances to win.

There are four categories that players can dip into, looking at both individual miniature paintwork and diorama, the categories are as follows:

  • SPOOKTACKULAR - (Dioramas/Vignettes) - Give your all for this spooky scenic event. Your spooky scene must contain one or more models and be based 50mm or larger.
  • THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT (Individual Model) - Creatures, critters, monsters, and other things that have a tendency towards anti-social behavior and prowl the night looking for victims. Caution, here be Monsters! And those that hunt them!
  • WITCHES AND WARLOCKS (Individual Model) - Spellcasters of all sorts. If they carry a wand, cast a spell, or even have a hint of mysticism to them, this is the category for them.
  • NOT QUITE DEAD YET (Individual Model)- Stumbling around after all the major organ functions have shut down? Have a beef with the living? This category is for the Undead, or as they like to be called the 'Living Impaired'

If you do find yourself more of a lurker of painting competitions, there is a way that you can join in and win a prize of $10 by commenting and engaging with Wyrd's social posts with your own opinion. There are ten of these to give away, so if you are looking to be part of the spooky adventure and you are not too keen on wielding your brush, you too can take part.

I personally love and adore Halloween and painting up a miniature this month is the perfect way for me to feel the spooky season.

For more information on the competition, be sure to head on over to the Wyrd forum for rules, updates and much more. Polls for voting open on the 2nd November and will stay open for the remainder of the week on the 8th,

Will you be taking part in the Rotten Harvest this year? 

"There are four categories that players can dip into, looking at both individual miniature paintwork and diorama"

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