Mantic’s Hellboy: The Board Game Expansion Kickstarter Now Live

April 29, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games and Needy Cat Games are back on Kickstarter with a project aimed and bringing a range of expansions to Hellboy: The Board Game. There are three expansions for you to pick up plus their new Hellboy: The Dice Game!

Hellboy The Board Game Kickstarter - Mantic Games

Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter // Mantic Games

We shall go through the expansions first I reckon! The first of these is called The Storm And The Fury and has Hellboy going up against the biggest foe that he has faced to date.

The Storm And The Fury - Mantic Games

The Storm And The Fury // Mantic Games

Hellboy has managed to get his hands on a certain magical and mythical sword and is now having to face down Nimue. It just so happens that she might have managed to turn into a dragon. Well, it bodes well that Hellboy has that sword, isn't it!

Hell On Earth is the next expansion which starts to add more randomness and plenty of minions for you to deal with.

Hell On Earth - Mantic Games

Hell On Earth // Mantic Games

Using the  B.P.R.D. Archives and graphic novels focused on their struggles against the forces of darkness, this set allows you to throw many more funky foes at your party of heroes. Sometimes Hellboy isn't going to be there to help you clean the mess so make sure you learn how to take down Crickets, Ogdru-Hem Mutants and Demonic Underlings!

Maybe you fancy introducing more damned foes into your games? Well, you can also pick up the new Pandemonium expansion!

Pandemonium - Mantic Games

Pandemonium // Mantic Games

Big new bosses (and some that are large in spirit!) are the name of the game here. Rather than facing down massive frog monsters, you'll be having to tackle Lord Balam, Hammerhead, The Black Flame and Varvara instead!

The last set of expansion content for Hellboy: The Board Game thankfully adds some heroes into the mix!

End Of Days - Mantic Games

End Of Days // Mantic Games

Here we turn things up and introduce Ted Howards, Sledgehammer, Evolved Abe Sapien and Flaming Liz Sherman into the mix. With the extra challenge presented as part of these new expansions, it would probably be a good idea to bring these heroes along with you! You could also take them back to the start of a campaign and use them in those earlier missions too!

Hellboy: The Dice Game

Hellboy: The Dice Game is a quick and easy-to-learn game that has you playing as B.P.R.D Agents exploring a mysterious location.

Hellboy Dice Game - Mantic Games

Hellboy: The Dice Game // Mantic Games

This game has a push-you-luck element to it as you delve deeper into this mysterious location hoping to uncover what perils await and banish them. As well as pushing deeper into the location in search of answers, you'll also have to watch your resources (represented by the game dice) so that you can fend off whatever lies in wait in the darkness when you find it!

You can find the rules to The Dice Game and let us know what you think of it. I think it seems like a nice add-on to the larger board game.

Are you tempted by these new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game?

"The last set of expansion content for Hellboy: The Board Game thankfully adds some heroes into the mix! "

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