Mayhem & Boss Fights Come To Privateer Press’ Riot Quest

July 9, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has released three new packs for use in their skirmishing board game, Riot Quest. We talked about Wintertime Wasteland yesterday but there are a bunch of options you can pick up right now for the month of July.

General Thunderstone Brug - Riot Quest.jpg

General Thunderstone Brug // Riot Quest

First up we have General "Thunderstone" Brug who is coming to bring his own sense of command and control to the game of Riot Quest.

"After having his personal pyg tank stolen by the thieving duo of Ledfoot & Tredz, the self-titled General “Thunderstone” Brug persuaded enough of his brethren to form a small army (is that a height joke?) and go get his property back! What Brug lacks in size and martial prowess, he makes up for with legitimate tactical genius and guile. With enough willing soldiers at his command, there aren’t many tasks Brug can’t accomplish. As for the few that are beyond his means, well…he’ll just bury them in ordinance."

When it comes to his use in-game, he is able to use his "Fire!" order to make other heroes unleash their salvo towards oncoming foes.

Next up, we have another rather commanding looking figure with Lord Azazello.

Lord Azazello - Riot Quest.jpg

Lord Azazello // Riot Quest

This fellow here is another fun looking character who has embraced a rather swashbuckling aesthetic.

"The dashing and daring Lord Azazello is no simple bandit—he’s a legendary Farrow thief and adventurer. Before the apocalypse, Azazello made a small fortune robbing the Ordic elite in unbelievable heists. A noble would barely have time to notice Azazello and his band of hand-selected henchmen swinging down from the chandeliers before they were robbed of both their jewelry and their pride."

As a Rogue, Lord Azazello is able to use his close combat abilities to strike at a foe and then move them around the tabletop with him, allowing him to really make use of space on the tabletop.

Riot Quest Boss Fight Expansion

As well as the two characters above, we also have Malvin & Mayhem as part of a Boss Expansion for the game.

Malvin & Mayhem - Riot Quest.jpg

Malvin & Mayhem // Riot Quest

Malvin & Mayhem can be used in a regular crew but this also allows you to play Riot Quest in a different way as a cooperative experience. Malvin & Mayhem can be super-powered and overtuned to make them into a serious threat which you can undertake either solo (for a serious challenge) or with three other players.

Teaming up against the game is always a good bit of fun and it could make things a little different and more interesting for those who have played a lot or Riot Quest over the past few months.

What do you make of these three new sets?

"Malvin & Mayhem can be used in a regular crew but this also allows you to play Riot Quest in a different way as a cooperative experience..."

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