Would You Like To Play HeroQuest In LEGO Form?

July 9, 2019 by brennon

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A creator by the name of KingGloriousSquirrel (amazing name) has put forth a LEGO Ideas project which might appeal to a fair few of you out there. How would you like to see a return of HeroQuest...but in LEGO?

LEGO HeroQuest #1 - LEGO Ideas

The user has gone to the trouble of re-creating as much of the original board game as he can, entirely from LEGO blocks and within the 3000 part limit which Ideas puts forth for those wanting to submit a project. I have to say, it looks pretty bloomin' awesome.

LEGO HeroQuest #2 - LEGO Ideas

I am very happy with the look of those furniture items and I think the design of the dice also needs a nod, taking those iconic old symbols and throwing them into the mix alongside the buildable dice that LEGO uses.

"It was a real challenge to design this proposal within the constraints of the Ideas rules and yet maintain the aesthetic and charm of the original game.

I am particularly proud of some of the furniture items, such as the alchemist's table, sorcerers alter and the tomb of the fallen knight. I am also quite pleased with the final design of the Gargoyle, using an inverted Stature of Liberty crown combined with a dragon sword hilt from Ninjago."

Whilst the game has been recreated with a lot of LEGO blocks the creator does say that the item count could be lowered with the use of a mat for the game board rather than being one that is put together by the owner. Also, we have to give props to him for getting so many of those iconic villains sorted for the game including the Fimir!

LEGO HeroQuest #3 - LEGO Ideas

Whilst the likelihood of this ever making it to market is low this would be a fantastic project to see someone try and recreate in reality as well in digital form as we're seeing here. HeroQuest is a well-loved game that started a lot of us off in the world of tabletop gaming and if we're honest...everyone loves LEGO!

LEGO HeroQuest #4 - LEGO Ideas

Who knows, if this project gets enough new supporters we could see this becoming a proper kit. We shall cross out fingers and dream HeroQuest dreams!

What do you make of the project and the effort put into it?

"We shall cross out fingers and dream HeroQuest dreams!"

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