Community Spotlight: Inquisitors, Quick & Easy Rocks & Gretchin!

March 17, 2017 by crew

We dive back into the realm of Hobby & Painting with another Community Spotlight for you this week where we pick out some of the most interesting projects from you nice folks in the forums.

There's a nice mix of the Sci-Fi and Terrain building in this one so if you'd like to get some inspiration for your own projects make sure to follow along.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn by irishsteve

First up we're stopping in with irishsteve for this week as he shows off the work that has been doing into painting up the 54mm scale Eisenhorn who folks will remember from his book series in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Eisenhorn #1 by irishsteve

He has been working on this project for a while now and we think that it has come out looking utterly amazing. The painting is top notch and there's a lot of intricate detail work been done on the interior of the coat and the various bits and bobs Eisenhorn has on his person.

Eisenhorn #2 by irishsteve

The pale skin of Eisenhorn has also come across nicely and it really gives him a John Blanche-esque feel, very Gothic. It almost gives him an ageless look, as if his quest to root out evil-doers in the grim dark future is neverending.

Eisenhorn #3 by irishsteve

Special attention should also be given to his scenic base which really helps to ground the model in a moment of time. He has clearly stepped into a place of darkness and needs his wits about him to survive the encounter!

Cheap & Easy Rocks by adgwraith

Whilst we have our own tutorial on making very simple rock formations for your games we had another tutorial pop up in the forums this week from adgwraith which uses Foam Fill to give you some interesting shapes.

Cheap & Easy Rocks by adgwraith

This is the finished product that you're seeing above which gives you some nice volcanic looking rock formations which would work in the blasted future of whatever Sci-Fi world you intend to battle on. If you're interested in a full tutorial on how to create these then you can check out his thread linked above.

This seems like a neat and simple way to create lots of different rock formations, allowing you to have a nice diverse board. All you need is some foam and some creativity!

Gretchin Freebooterz by subedai

Whilst we have already had a Warhammer 40,000 model in the spotlight this week I just couldn't not include these awesome Gretchin Freebooter's by subedai.

Gretchin Freebooters #1 by subedai

Based in the era of Rogue Trader these Gretchin are packed with character and it's nice to see them embracing that punk attitude! Also, black powder weapons in Warhammer 40,000 should be more of a thing! They might be pretty useless but they're great looking.

Gretchin Freebooters #2 by subedai

subedai has been working on a couple of these models for his warband and the painting is great. The bright green skin harks back to the days of day-glow models in the 90s but they've been given a substantial upgrade in terms of painting techniques to make them work within the modern day battlefield.

A big thumbs up from us on this one and once again, a sterling job bringing some cheeky Goblins to life.

Show Us Your Stuff!

We’ve been blown away by the work from the community once again and would love to see your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

All you have to do is head over to the forum linked above and start your own topic to start posting your work. It’s simple to upload photos of your work-in-progress and finished projects and we like seeing the process unfold.

We also don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran. Everything you folks do inspires us to keep at it with our hobby and we have a wonderful community who like to get involved and share techniques.

What do you think of our entries to the hall of fame this week?

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