Warcry’s Unmade Cause Chaos In Death

July 11, 2019 by dracs

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Hey bro, I heard you like grimdark, so I added some grimdark to your grimdark! The result was the new Warcry warband from the Realm of Death: The Unmade.

Yup, the Unmade are a combination of the two most terrifying forces of the Mortal Realms, namely Chaos and Death.

The Unmade were reportedly once benevolent philosopher-kings, but in order to face down the endless tide of undead in Shyish, they turned to worshipping the Chaos gods. The result? Well, see for yourself.

Chaos. Not even once.

The design of the Unmade speaks to their fallen status as pain-obsessed cultists, right down to wearing their own flayed faces on their belts.

While these are a thoroughly disturbing warband, I will admit they're probably my least favourite so far. Other than the skulls, they don't seem to have that much going on that marks them as coming from the Realm of Death. In a place largely populated by ghosts and skeletons, I would have thought it a bit difficult to find people to flay.

Having said that, their background in particular gives us a tantalising glimpse into what those who do live within Shyish have to face and what such an existence can inflict upon them.

Have you chosen which Warcray warband will claim your loyalty? 

"A combination of the two most terrifying forces of the Mortal Realms."

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