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1st Corps Go Scouting With The Home Guard Patrol Boat


1st Corps has expanded its Home Guard range with some new 28mm miniatures from Mark Fuller! This time around, the Home Guard are pootling around the bay in their Patrol Boat, looking to scout out any Axis infiltrators!

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Perfect Tools For A Hobby Workshop?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, we ask about what kind of tools you could add to your hobby-focused workshop. Do you agree with some of the big tool ideas that we're discussing here?

Armies For The Greatest Wars In History? Victrix Nail Their Historical Miniatures! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at a creator who has nailed their Historical miniatures. Victrix has created plastic miniatures in both 28mm and 12mm that would be amazing for some of the greatest wars in history.

Blood & Plunder – Sloop Painting Tutorial | Firelock Games


We dive into a Blood & Plunder painting tutorial where John shows off how to paint the Sloop from Firelock Games for their 28mm piratical naval wargame.

Gerry Can Show You Rigging & Ratlines For Blood & Plunder Ships!


In this week's Gerry Can, we dive into how to super detail your Blood & Plunder ships for use in Firelock Games' Historical wargame. No corners have been cut here!

VLOG: Crafting Army Lists + Miniatures Are Painted For Blood & Plunder!


Justin shows off the three army lists that he is going to be using for games of Blood & Plunder. There are a few to choose from that are going to be used in different scenarios. Artillery, ships and more have been painted up for this!

Ancient Indian Archers Take Aim From V&V Miniatures


Heading back to Ancient history, we look at a band of new 28mm resin miniatures from V&V Miniatures. These Indian Archers were designed to fit into battles as Alexander The Great sought to expand his empire in the East.

Lady Macbeth Sees A Dagger Before Her From Bad Squiddo


Bad Squiddo Games added an awesome new miniature into the mix for those seeking a new female character to perhaps lead their forces on the tabletop. Look no further than the impressive Lady Macbeth.

Renegade Bring Back Even More Axis & Allies With WWI 1914


Renegade Games Studios have added yet another of the Axis & Allies games to their pre-order list for this year. The previously released Axis & Allies: WWI 1914 is going to be returning with a revamped set in August 2023.

Let’s Play: Huang By Reiner Knizia | Phalanx Games

4 weeks ago 1

Gerry, Shay and John are joined by the team from PHALANX Games to play through their new Reiner Knizia board game, HUANG. Take command of warring factions in Ancient China and see if you can take control of the country for yourself!

ArmyBits Preview New 15mm Modern US Soldier Miniatures


ArmyBits have been showcasing some of their upcoming 15mm miniatures that will be gracing battlefields soon. They have previously done some great work when it comes to the Cold War period and Modern battlefields and that trend continues with these new US Soldiers. 

A Spanish Army Grows With The Perry’s Newest Releases


Perry Miniatures are continuing to expand their options for their Spanish Army with a new set of releases for their Guerillas and other volunteers fighting during the period 1808-14.

Brass: Birmingham Takes The Top Spot On BoardGameGeek


Brass: Birmingham, the follow-up to Brass: Lancashire, has now claimed the number-one spot on BoardGameGeek after a hard-fought battle against the mighty Gloomhaven. 

Paint Plundering Pirates With Blood & Pigment’s New Contest


Blood & Pigment are running a "Great Pirate Paint Off" soon which leads up to their massive Summer Of Plunder later in 2023. Run in conjunction with Firelock Games and a bunch of other creators, they are looking to get your crews painted up and ready for an adventure on the high seas in Blood & Plunder.

Unboxing: Blood & Plunder – Native Americans | Firelock Games


Continuing our unboxing of the new Blood & Plunder plastic range, Gerry has a look at the set of twelve Native Americans from Firelock Games that you get for use in their Historical pirate wargame. 

Judge Dredd; Check Out Block War & This Ace Sci-Fi Wargame From Warlord Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the ace new Block War expansion from Warlord Games for their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Could this be the Sci-Fi skirmish game worth diving into if you've become disillusioned by Necromunda?

Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles; New From Warlord Games! [Update]


Warlord Games were not content with turning Waterloo and the American Civil War into an Epic Battles endeavour. They are now going to be delving into the heart of 17th Century Europe with Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles and a new set, Push Of Pikes.

The Last Kingdom Board Game Coming To Kickstarter Soon


The Last Kingdom, the hit Netflix series, is going to be coming to tabletops soon from Gamelyn Games with a new board game! Destiny Is All!

Great Western Trail Heads To New Zealand Later This Year


Eggert Spiele are going to be expanding their Great Western Trail collection with a trip to New Zealand later this year. Instead of moving cattle, you're going to be getting sheep from point A to point B and hoping to come out on top economically!

VLOG: Deciding On Gaming Tables & Scenarios For Blood & Plunder


Gerry and Justin sit down to talk about their 100, 150 and 200-point lists for use in their games of Blood & Plunder from Firelock Games. They also have a talk about the terrain they are going to be using across the three games.

Unboxing: 28mm British Lancers | Empress Miniatures


Gerry dives into an unboxing of the incredible 28mm British Lancers from Empress Miniatures. These Historical wargaming miniatures can be used to play out the likes of the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. 

Community Spotlight: German Armies, 15mm Necromunda & Raising The Black!


Join us for a look at some amazing Historical wargaming projects and also something a little different for the world of Necromunda!

Unboxing: Blood & Plunder – Militia | Firelock Games

1 month ago 1

Gerry dives into another Unboxing of the Firelock Games Blood & Plunder miniatures. This time, he's looking at the 28mm plastic Militia set that can be used to bolster your crews in this Historical Pirate wargame. 

Warlord Talk Updated Resin & New Bolt Action Weapon Teams


Warlord Games talked about an update to the material that some of their miniatures are made in last week. Warlord Resin Plus is an upgrade on the previously used Warlord Resin that you'll find present in a lot of different kits for their games.

Set Up A 2mm Roman Marching Camp With LaserCast’s Terrain!


Australia's LaserCast has recently added a new set of terrain to their webstore. If you're eager to dive into a bunch of 2mm wargaming then you might be tempted by their Roman Marching Camp which would be perfect for a bit of Ancient warfare.

Add Charging Cossacks To Your Flames Of War Soviet Army


The Soviet forces rushing towards Berlin in Battlefront Miniatures' Flames Of War grow in number with a new set of Direct Only releases this weekend. You can snag yourself some rather funky new 15mm kits for use during your World War II wargames. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: A 7-Day Miniature Painting Challenge?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, Ben lays down the gauntlet and dives into a 7-day miniature painting challenge that might help you bust through the backlog and get rid of some of that hobby fatigue. 

OnTableTop Industry Awards For 2022

1 month ago 12

Join us for the OnTableTop Industry Awards 2022 where we are honouring the best tabletop games and products from last year. 

VLOG: Building Army Lists For Blood & Plunder


In today's VLOG, Gerry talks about working out the army lists that are going to be used for playing Firelock Games' Blood & Plunder. In this video, we're discussing the British that will be looking to control the high seas. 

Gerry Can Show You How To Build The Ships From Blood & Plunder!


In this week's Gerry Can, Gerry showcases how to build the Sloop that comes in the new 2-Player Starter Set for Firelock Games' Blood & Plunder. 

VLOG: Getting Ready To Set Sail In Blood & Plunder | Behind The Scenes


Gerry and Justin sit down in the studio to talk about setting sail in Blood & Plunder from Firelock Games. They discuss the plans for the different factions they're going to be playing as and the future Blood & Plunder coverage that we have planned!

Blood & Plunder – Amaro Pargo Painting Tutorial | Firelock Games


In this video, John dives into painting one of the personalities, Amaro Pargo, from Firelock Games' excellent miniature wargame, Blood & Plunder. Get piratical with one of these excellent 28mm Pirates for use when playing out Historical adventures on the tabletop.

Check Out Medbury’s Fantasy & Historical Releases For February


Medbury Miniatures has been showing off their newest 3D Printable miniatures for the month of February. There is another good selection of releases that cover both the Fantasy and Historical genres. We'll start with the Fantasy side of things!

Zenit Tease Sakurakami Samurai Coming To Kickstarter Soon


Zenit Miniatures has been teasing some new additions to their range of miniatures for their wargame, Kensei. Sakurakami: Jewel Of The Empire, features a new selection of samurai miniatures and a bit more besides!

Unboxing: Goth Warriors | Wargames Atlantic

1 month ago 6

Gerry gets stuck into an Unboxing of the 28mm multi-part plastic Goth Warriors from Wargames Atlantic for use in your Historical wargames. The perfect set for miniature wargames set in the 3rd Century.

Devil Pig Go Island Hopping With Heroes Of The Pacific!


Devil Pig Games are leaving the battlefields of Normandy behind and instead heading off to the islands of the Pacific with their new addition to the Heroes range. Heroes Of The Pacific: Battle For Guadalcanal is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Community Spotlight: Swedish Soldiers, A First Age Diorama + USMC Tanks & Troops

1 month ago 7

We delve into a fantastically yellow Swedish army, explore a wonderful diorama from The First Age and then hit the battlefield with the USMC.

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Stalingrad Campaign [Take Aim] | Osprey Games


Gerry and Shay move on to the second scenario of their Undaunted: Stalingrad campaign, putting together a FULL playthrough of the entire World War 2 board game from Osprey Games.

New WW2 Soviet T34 76/85 Plastic Kit Available From Victrix!


Victrix Miniatures have now released their new plastic kit for those wanting to add 12mm Soviet Armour into their World War II wargames. You can now pick up the pack of T34 Tanks allowing you to make the 76/85 variants for use on the tabletop.

Unboxing: Blood & Plunder – Soldiers | Firelock Games

1 month ago 8

Gerry dives into an Unboxing of the new plastic Blood & Plunder Soldiers for use in their 17th Century Historical wargame of 28mm pirates! See what we think of the brand-new set from Firelock Games.

Take On The Role Of Two Competing Jarls In Pearl Games’ Lofoten


Pearl Games are offering up the chance to play as a couple of competing Jarls in their new board game, Lofoten. See who comes out on top in this head-to-head clash between two players.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Steaming Through Dead Man’s Hand To Flames Of War With Trains!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, Gerry dives into the fun he's been having in the Wild West and Lloyd has had quite the idea when it comes to trains AND wargaming. It's a marriage made in heaven.

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