Infamy Print Out A Policeman For Their Steampunk World

March 20, 2015 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have a big update as they show off the progress they have made on their miniatures' 3D printing.

Infamy 3D Prints

The 3D printing for Infamy is apparently being handled by Prodos, which accounts for the clear quality of the prints that Infamy have been showing off.

In this selection, we can already see a good number of the amazing sculpts that were made possible through the Kickstarter. Many of them are made from a lot of different parts, but the layout for Mr Kingdom has to take the cake.

Mr Kingdom's Parts

That is promising to be an unbelievably intricate miniature. The final piece should look fantastic, but I can only imagine the horror if you drop something.

The end result with these prints is a highly detailed model that recreates the fantastic concepts Infamy promised us during the Kickstarter, as can be shown in this print of an Infamy policeman.

Infamy Policeman

If he doesn't make you want to obey the law, maybe Sergeant Crookes and the mighty Suppressor will.

Sergeant Crookes and Supressor

Hopefully, a lot of these miniatures will be making their debut appearance at Salute and we can probably expect to see new model prints appearing soon, including the Dimension Hop Tesla which is now completed and awaiting printing.

Dimension Hop Tesla

Dimension Hop Tesla Front and Back

Have you been keeping an eye on Infamy's progress? What do you think of it so far?

"The layout for Mr Kingdom has to take the cake."

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