New Infinity Army Boosters & More Coming December 2020

November 20, 2020 by brennon

More goodness from Corvus Belli drops during December with four new sets of miniatures to help grow your Infinity armies. There are new options for O-12, Combined, Haqqislam and Ariadna coming your way from 17th December.

O-12 Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

O-12 Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

This new Booster Pack is a good way to build on the Action Pack that came out not long ago for use in Infinity and Code One. In this set, you get the Lynx with a MULTI Sniper Rifle, Razer with Boarding Shotgun and then a Psi-Cop Hacker who is always going to be useful when it comes to objective-based games.

You can also get yourself an awesome trio of aliens for use with the Combined Army.

Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

These miniatures for the Combined always look awesome and they are one of the factions which constantly draws me to the precipice of dropping into Infinity. In this set, you get a Jayth Cutthroat with Chain Rifle, Noctifer with Spitfire and Tensho with Boarding Shotgun.

When it comes to starting out with an Infinity faction, the Action Packs are a good way to go. A new option is available for Haqqislam which comes packed with miniatures for you to choose from.

Haqqislam Action Pack - Infinity

Haqqislam Action Pack // Infinity

This set comes with a badass selection which takes that Islamic/Arabic feel and wrap it up in an excellent Sci-Fi package. You get three Ghulam plus Khawarij, Tuareg, Zhayeden, Fiday, Ragik, Tarik Mansuri and Fasid. You can learn about the different weapon options they have by following the link above.

Finishing things off we also have this excellent set for Equipe Mirage-5 and Ariadna crews.

Equipe Mirage-5 - Infinity

Equipe Mirage-5 // Infinity

This set provides you with a badass duo to use during your games. You've got Margot with AP Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Light Shotgun options plus Duroc who watches over her with Chain Rifle, Grenades and Smoke Grenades.

The Dog Warriors of Ariadna are freckin' badass and if you're not drawn in by the aliens of the Combined then I think Ariada could well be a good shout. I love how different they are from the rest of the Infinity factions!

Are you tempted by these new miniatures?

"The Dog Warriors of Ariadna are freckin' badass..."

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