Footsore’s Mortal Gods: Mythic Campaign Funded & Unlocking More

January 27, 2020 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games have now completely funded their campaign for Mortal Gods: Mythic. They have plenty of goodies for you to check out including heroes, monsters, rules and much more besides.

Mortal Gods Mythic Pledge Levels - Footsore Miniatures & Games

First up we have the selection of different pledge options that are open to those who dive into this expansion to Mortal Gods. The selection allows you to pick up a range of different monsters, priests, villains and more. I like that you've already got Jason getting thrown in there, a proper mythological adventurer!

The miniatures are available in a range of both metal and resin plus there will be a few plastic options which come from the teams at Victrix and Wargames Atlantic. Everything is very nicely detailed and it looks like a lot of Trish Carden's work in those early stages has translated over well into the final product.

Monsters & More - Footsore Miniatures

Some of the coolest looking models are the Centaurs which you can see up in the image above. Carden has sculpted two different types of Centaur, one of which is more heavily armoured and martial whilst the other has the look of a wild Centaur who has been on the drink!

Mythological Stretch Goals

You can also check out a range of models which have been unlocked through Stretch Goals as the campaign pushed through its funding goal.

Mortal Stretch Goals - Footsore Miniatures

Some more pesky fiends have been added into the mix! I am a big fan of Satyrs and Fauns so it's awesome to see that they have got their time in the sun from Footsore for this particular expansion to Mortal Gods.

The core of this game is a lot of fun and I think that the Mythic element is just going to bring more people in and give them a chance to play this neat skirmisher. Of course, if you've got a few miniatures lying around from Mythic Battles: Pantheon you could always use those too!

Even if you're not looking to play Mortal Gods: Mythic with these miniatures they would also make a sterling addition to a normal Fantasy army or skirmishing warband. I think you'd find a use for them in the likes of Warlords Of Erehwon, SAGA: Age Of Magic and Kings Of War.

What do you think?

"I think that the Mythic element is just going to bring more people in and give them a chance to play this neat skirmisher..."

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