Black Magic Craft’s IDOLS Of TORMENT Gets Miniatures Range!

June 28, 2022 by brennon

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IDOLS Of TORMENT is the skirmish miniatures game coming soon to Kickstarter from Black Magic Craft. We've looked at the game already and delved a little into the background of it but the big news this week was that the game is going to be getting its own range of miniatures!

Factions & Official Models For IDOLS Of TORMENT // Black Magic Craft

The newest video from Black Magic Craft explores the various factions (The Orders) that you get to play as in the game alongside some of the miniatures that you'll be able to pick up to represent them. Whilst the game is miniature agnostic and can be played with whatever you want, Crippled God Foundry has come on board to make a range of bespoke miniatures tailored to the artwork from the rulebook.

IDOLS Of TORMENT Factions - Black Magic Craft

IDOLS Of TORMENT Factions // Black Magic Craft

Each of the factions is explored in detail in the video above but in essence, they play around with the traditional ideas of the deadly sins but throws something new into the mix at the same time. You have Orders dedicated to wrath and ruin alongside excess and gluttony but a whole bunch more. The artwork that we've seen so far is giving me very heavy metal album cover vibes which is always a winner in my book.

You will, of course, have no doubt seen some of the miniatures already planned for the game. Unlike many other games, you're not hunting objective tokens in IDOLS Of TORMENT but instead the souls of humans, The Lost.



These are going to be made available as STL Files for you to print off at home but Black Magic Craft is also working to create a plastic sprue so you can get your hands on these miniatures without the need for a 3D Printer.

They also discussed that alongside The Lost and the miniatures for The Orders, you'll also be able to get tokens and measuring devices as well that are all designed to feel in-world and part of this dark and twisted hellscape!

The game is sounding fascinating and it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out on Kickstarter later this year in September.

IDOLS OF TORMENT Gameplay - Black Magic Craft

IDOLS Of TORMENT Gameplay // Black Magic Craft

A big host of creatives have come together to help bring the game to life including Matt Click, Runehammer, Sant. V. Schreiber, Blight Bones, David Annadale (yes, the author!) and a host of playtesters. I love the unique and interesting aesthetic that we're seeing here with IDOLS Of TORMENT and most importantly, the game feels like a labour of love from Jeremy of Black Magic Craft.

Make sure to check out that video above looking at what Crippled God Foundry have been working on for the official miniatures and then keep an eye out for more on this game. I am totally going to be following it as it heads towards Kickstarter.

What do you make of IDOLS Of TORMENT so far?

"...most importantly, the game feels like a labour of love from Jeremy of Black Magic Craft"

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