Crooked Dice Preview Robots & Sailor Folk For July

June 22, 2019 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has been showing off the new releases coming your way during the first weeks of July. As always these are great for folk diving into 7TV and we start with Robots!

Robots - Crooked Dice

The Robot set comes with a range of different characters for you to use in your games as henchmen, lackeys, foes and maybe good friends. I particularly like the addition of 'Claptrap' there in the middle, especially since I have started playing Borderlands 2 with some friends again this week.

I think that the Robot Butler is clearly a deadly killer and very much did it!

Face The High Seas

As well as the Robots we also have some Sailors as part of the Ship's Crew.

Ship's Crew - Crooked Dice

These chaps might be friendly folk who you've hired to take you on a long voyage or henchmen for some enterprising bandit. I like the idea of them having to try and fend off some nasty seas monster which has risen up from the deep when they're out on the vastness of the ocean.

Whatever scenario you build, you'll no doubt have some fun. What scenarios would you design for these new models?

Drop your comments below!

"What scenarios would you design for these new models?"

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