Dragonslayers Descend On Para Bellum’s Conquest Soon

January 14, 2020 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off a new unit which is dropping for the Dweghom soon. If you want to bring low drakes, sunder wyverns and behead wyrms then you'll want to add the Dragonslayers into the mix for Conquest.

Dragonslayers - Conquest

Here is the background behind the Dragonslayers who are looking very cool indeed!

"Clad in armour forged in a bygone age when dragon fire was the greatest threat to a warrior, every vulnerable part of a Dragonslayer is covered in alloys not seen since the breaking of the world. The weapons they bear were those used by their Ancestors to pierce the nigh-invulnerable hides of the Elder Dragons. Forged from adamantine and now quenched in dragon blood, no mortal armour could hope to withstand a blow.

Dragonslayers are entrusted with the greatest heirlooms of their Hold, weapons that are part of the living memory of their people’s greatest trial and triumph. Only the greatest of Thanes could hope to aspire to the rank of Dragonslayer, and no single Dweghom, not even the eldest Mnemancers, has the standing to recommend the elevation of a Thane to their ranks: they must rather be chosen by the unanimous acclaim of their peers; their valour and prowess so indisputable that even the greatest of the Dweghom warriors would not contest their ascendance to this elite force."

These fellows look very cool indeed and you could imagine them being a very grim and dangerous addition to your force which is surrounded by an air of eerie mysticism. I think the design of them evokes the aesthetic of the samurai in a way whilst mixed with something gladiatorial. I do like the idea of warriors who were honed to one purpose and are now something ceremonial and yet incredibly deadly.

I do like the idea of perhaps painting them to match particular colours of dragon that we're all familiar. A deep blue or green would be fascinating, especially since their weapons and armour are so drenched in dragon blood.

What do you make of this new regiment?

"I think the design of them evokes the aesthetic of the samurai in a way whilst mixed with something gladiatorial..."

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